Introduction to Online Betting – Beginners Guide For 2024


A fairly simple definition of betting is that you try to predict a future outcome or the outcome of a particular event. These predictions could be the total number of goals scored within a football game, the result of a tennis game, and specific events that could occur during a game, such as the number of fouls that could occur during a game.

So if you can predict a result or event, you win! This happens much more often these days through the use of sports betting sites or sports betting apps that are available on most devices.

How to bet correctly – getting started with online betting


Register at the online sports betting site of your choice

Open the sports betting page and find your favorite sports event or sporting event. Ideally, you already have the necessary background knowledge of the team or players participating in the sporting event and of course the sport itself.

Check the available bets and betting odds before placing your bet.

Choose your bet and decide how much you want to use for each event.

When you’re happy with your selection and stake, place your bet and stay up to date on what’s going on in the game to see whether you win or not.

Unibet covers a range of sports and betting events, from the world’s biggest soccer championships and leagues to motorsport, basketball and tennis. Unibet also offers players the opportunity to place a pre-match bet before the game and a live bet during the game. All this with the latest and most competitive betting odds.

Sports betting may be a little complicated for those who have never placed a bet or have beginner status. In this area, Unibet offers you an online sports betting guide, which consists of a glossary of betting terms, sports betting tips, the best sports betting tips for football, golf and a number of other sports. For more information you can click here.

Immerse yourself in the world of sports betting and learn more about how to bet best and correctly. In addition, you can learn more about how online gambling works and how the various terminologies are used. Read the guides below and experience the thrill of sports betting at Unibet.

Among the different options that sports bookmakers offer, you can also choose to play a betting system. At first glance this type of bet can seem very complicated and it is for this reason that many players give up using it and do not go into the topic. In this review, therefore, we have prepared a complete guide: we will discover together that playing systems is not so difficult and that on the contrary, with a little familiarity, they can become very useful for building winning and profitable game strategies. In the next paragraphs you will find the details for each type of game, the minimum bet limits and the maximum payout limits, the pros and cons and also an in-depth analysis of some systematic game strategies that are sometimes improperly called systems, but which can still be useful to win real money.

Types of betting system: find what you are looking for with just 1 click


Trixie system – One of the simplest, Yankee system-  For four events to bet on , Super Yankee system – Bets on five events, Heinz system – Six selections to bet on, Super Heinz system – A settebello of events, Goliath system – Almost 250 bets placed, Lucky system – Three types of luck, Patent system – Seven bets for 3 events, Alphabet system – The system of systems.

What are sports betting systems?


The type of bet called the system is very popular among professional bettors: in fact it allows you to win and have an economic return even by making a mistake one or more predictions. This is because thanks to the sports betting systems, all the events you enter in a slip will be played with each other in all possible combinations, depending on the number of predictions you intend to play. For example, if you enter three events, you will play three multiples and a triple, if you enter four events, you will play six doubles, four triples and a quadruple, and so on.

The more games entered, the more possible combinations to be played increase and in turn the amount to be placed also increases, because for each combination there is a stake to bet. Too complicated? Don’t worry: for each type of system we have written a review to help you understand how it works. In fact, there are different types of system, depending on the number of events included in the card. Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath, Lucky, Patent and Alphabet: you just have to choose the number of events on the list and click on the relevant customized guide. Or continue reading this page and explore the general topic.

The differences with other types of play


If you intend to bet on a dry prediction on a single game, the bet that you will place is called a single bet. When, on the other hand, you enter more than three events in a slip, your bookmaker offers you two ways to play the bet: the multiple and the system.

The single, according to a simple calculation of the probabilities, has more chances of being successful, but the multiplier that it offers is decidedly lower than the other two options and consequently also the win that you can get. The other two types, on the other hand, allow you to obtain much more substantial winnings because they involve the insertion of multiple games, the odds of which are multiplied together.

To win a multiple, however, the bettor must be able to guess the prediction of all the events he inserts: consequently the odds of winning decrease exponentially. Instead, the system allows to overcome this problem and guarantees an economic return even with a margin of error. The investment, however, increases proportionally to the number of predictions you intend to play. Let’s see some concrete examples to better understand what we are talking about.