7 Easy Ways to Get Into Esports – 2024 Guide

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During the last decade, a new branch of sport has appeared in the world that some still do not recognize -it is eSport. Although the definition of sport states that sport involves physical strength and the skill in which an individual or team competes against another – eSport will very soon be included in the true Olympic disciplines. Many do it just for fun – and many also for the good earnings it can provide. And what are the easiest ways to enter the elite and become part of eSport? Here are some answers to those questions.

eSport: Sport Discipline Or Not?

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Esports has all the components of a true sports discipline and contains all the key points as well as sports – except for significant physical effort. This is probably the key reason that still separates eSport from other sports. Many people still believe that traditional sports will emerge victorious in this fight. However, let’s mention one game that is recognized as a sport, and still, it spends less physical energy than playing Dota, Lol, or Call of Duty – it is chess. What separated chess from other games – was the fact there were competitors in it who stand out so much from others. These professionals are known as chess masters. The same thing can be applied to eSports. Therefore, it is completely justified to believe in the imminent positioning of eSport as a competitive discipline in standard sports competitions.

Ways to Get Into eSports

1. Interest

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The beginning is of course connected to your interest. Whether it’s pure relaxation or fun, it’s unlikely that someone will make you play certain games or recognize the talent in you if something doesn’t motivate you to start playing. The same thing happens with football or basketball – until the kid catches the ball in his hands and shows what he can do – his potential is undiscovered. So, install Counter-Strike or League of Legends, for example – and start learning the game initially.

2. Basic Prerequisites: Equipment

It takes a computer, a video game, and the Internet to get started – and that’s something most people today can easily get. Anyone can play from their home and anyone can start. All you need is a computer and a game – so it is easier to enter eSports than other sports. Most people today have computers and the Internet, and you can download the game either for free or for 10, 20 euros. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can just put the computer in your favorite place in the house – and you can go.

3. Self-Control And Discipline

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eSport requires a lot of sacrifices just like any other sport. Other factors are self-control and discipline. Everyone is happy about it as they win – but when they start to lose then it’s a problem. There are ups and downs in every sport, so eSport is not different. A lot of people think it’s great when they are on the rise – and as soon as they are on the decline, they give up. That’s why we see more kids giving up sports. During childhood, someone changes up to seven sports, and in the end, he doesn’t do any of them. That is why in sports, for a start, everyone should find a title or game that they think they could succeed in. After that comes that self-control, discipline, acceptance of defeat, and analysis. The biggest problem in sports is that when people lose – they usually claim that the opponent was lucky. That’s not true. There must be a reason that sets them apart.

4. Gaming Dosage

You also need to find the right dose of the game. It can be played for 10 hours, but you’ll get fed up with it very quickly. You should find the right dose because if it is played 10 hours a day – then it is no longer enjoying the game. There are also a lot of people giving up. It should also be considered that you may need a new computer. It also depends on which game someone opts for – and on which console they will play. You need to have a stable internet. All of this needs to be analyzed and taken into account before starting. According to lfcarry.com – primarily one should have a love for a particular game. Then they will be able to further develop their love and affinity for playing, both on their own – and with the help of more skilled players who can be their kind of mentors.

5. Training And Coaching

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When someone is just starting, they can show indications that they will become a great competitor. For example, someone may have the best results after training, the fastest reaction – or if, for example, someone plays against three players. One can also see how many times someone clicked a mouse or keyboard per minute. These numbers can go from 100 to 500 clicks per minute. One can track how many actions a person makes per minute, and if someone without looking at the keyboard has 350 actions per minute – we can notice the talented competitor compared to someone who has 150 actions per minute. Then the coach can help you correct mistakes and direct you to use those actions more rationally.

6. Playing Matches

At this stage, players who earn money from gaming will appear, streamers meet, you get media attention – and the games become more and more tense and difficult. The level of the game is different from when you started. In games, players whose skill touches art fall, masterminds with an inexplicable sense of calculations. Here you will cross spears with gaming enthusiasts who are completely committed to the game they are playing. Plays, fights, and actions become things that are talked about, and matches, that is, games, become more than a game. You have already stepped into the world of professional gaming with one foot.

7. Professional Tournaments And Leagues

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Professionals are those who earn and live from playing tournaments and leagues. The limit in a playing career is when you are already so experienced, skilled, and committed – that certain organizations and teams are interested in you. Offers for certain eSports companies are starting to arrive. The contracts you sign are identical to traditional sports contracts. That is why it will be interesting to follow the eSports industry in the coming years. The popularity of gaming is growing and thus the salaries and contracts of players are growing. They are already measured in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.