Is An Online Law School Worth The Investment


As of now, online education is advancing because of the ongoing pandemic. Several law students are inclining towards online law schools in order to receive a quality legal education despite the lack of remote teaching.

Online law schools help people progress their legal careers by delivering a convenient, affordable, and in-person law school-based curriculum. Despite the pros of choosing online law schools, there are still some drawbacks, which is the primary reason some people are still wondering whether the online law school is worth the investment.

Why An Online Law School Is Worth The Investment


If you are looking for a decent online law school, it is best to check out Abraham Lincoln University, which provides a budget-friendly, flexible, and totally online law degree. In spite of the field or practice environment, online law schools are an effective way to obtain the legal understanding you require for your legal career. Here are some of the primary benefits:

Almost Similar Curriculum With Incredible Flexibility

The curriculum for legal studies is generally the exact or relatively same in both on-campus or online law schools. Students will receive foundational courses that deal with several topics, for example, legal writing, legal protocols, and negotiation techniques.

Besides that, you can select a specific legal degree just like on campuses. The curriculum also contains concentrations, such as international law, conflict resolution, intellectual property law, and others.

Plenty Of Course Options Without Concerning About Relocations


One primary reason several people can not follow their legal career path is because of the relocation problems. If you are a working employee or have a family, it might be tough to move to another place.

Due to the availability of online law schools, you will no longer face this problem. It is because you can apply for courses in any location without dealing with the hassle and financial concern of shifting. In addition to that, you do not have to compromise and choose a nearby law school.

Fewer Interruptions In Your Career

Completing your education may be effective to your legal career in the long term, but if you take a year off to attend university, it can relatively disrupt your short-term objectives. Several online law schools provide self-paced, half-day, or specific time classes, allowing you to continue with your everyday routine while taking classes. Selecting an online law school will give you a chance to fulfill any other personal duties you might have.

Affordable Expenses


Another typical benefit of choosing online law schools is their affordability. While attending online legal degree courses, some institutions will give free access to learning materials, like legal books and online journal subscriptions, to the students.

A few other law schools will provide these materials to students at a relatively lower price compared to the marketplace. You would not have to drive to campus or shift to the nearby location by selecting the online law school.

Besides that, you can attend the classes even from your home, office, or outdoors as well. It might be advantageous for you if the law school you are attending is in a much more expensive metropolitan area than the one where you now reside.

Enhanced Quality With Technology

As of now, online law schools and law programs are not just second options, nor are they limited to just sending class materials to a learning management strategy. Rather, online law schools are propelling a new pedagogy that includes more student options, collective learning, and novel kinds of examination. Schools, teachers, and other staff in schooling are all helping hard to improve online learning.

Why An Online Law School Is Not Worth The Investment


Just like advantages, there are some cons of online law schools, which is why people are curious about their worthiness. Here are a few critical drawbacks:

Accreditation Problems

One primary disadvantage of online law schools is that not all institutions are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or different accrediting committees. Besides that, even if the university is accredited, some courses do not have accreditation.

The ABA accreditation is critical if you wish to attend the Bar Exam. Due to that, it is best to check and comprehend the significance of accreditation and verify whether the desired courses you are looking for have accreditation or not before getting admission.

Absence Of On-campus Experience


Though video conferences have made online learning far more dynamic than before, a few students might still want to have face-to-face interaction with their classmates and professors.

Moving to campus can help you concentrate on your studies by staying away from diversions. Staying on campus also provides additional possibilities to network and contribute in casual social meetings with friends and experts who share similar interests.

Fewer In-person Or Practical Interactions

It might be hard for students who are not familiar with video communication or navigation of web learning systems to interact completely with the educators or classmates. In order to get the required skills or practical knowledge related to legal studies, in-person interactions, debates, and discussions on controversial issues are critical.

Technical Issues


Though the online learning model allows you to attend classes from anywhere, you must have a high-speed and constant internet connection to listen to video conferences and other things. You may not be able to study and attend classes in case if you have any issues with the Internet, wifi, or your device.

On older laptops, desktops, or smartphones, new technologies and apps might not function effectively. Furthermore, some online programs might still be using outdated software that is incompatible with mobile phones and tablets.


In comparison to the traditional in-person law schools, online law schools offer high-end flexibility and courses at a relatively less price. The online law school is worth the investment, but it might not be the correct choice for all students. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of online law school and harmonize them with your study requirements and career objectives.