Promoting University Branding with Orientation Packages

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Every year new university and college students arrive at school wide-eyed and timid. Orientation week is a great time to help new students to adjust to what was probably their biggest life-change so far. Not only does orientation week help them to learn the ins and outs of how higher education works, but it also introduces them to a new lifestyle.

Security ID Cards and Accessories

Each year, every new student has issued a school security ID card, which they can use to keep track of library loans and make on-campus digital purchases. That’s why today’s universities and colleges cannot function properly without their own security ID card printing system.

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With thousands of students being issued security ID cards at the same time, larger schools may even require two or more ID card printers from a professional security ID system supplier – and you can click here to learn more about security system suppliers and how they can help you decide on the best printing system to use at your school.

Student Security ID Card Accessories

Along with security ID cards, students require ID card accessories, which help them to keep track of their cards. One excellent way to distribute these accessories to students is by including them for free along with the other useful items in an orientation package that gets supplied to the student before the school term begins.

Promotional Items Offer a Win-win Situation

It’s important for schools to supply every new student with an orientation package that helps them to adjust and gives them the best chance to have a successful year. Orientation packages are a great way to promote the image and culture that’s associated with your school. When you give out free items that help students fit in and help them to cope with student life, your school stands a better chance for success as well.

Feeling a Sense of Belonging

New students almost always feel at least some symptoms of imposter syndrome that can easily exacerbate into full-blown homesickness. The cure is to help everyone at your school to feel a part of the family that makes up the university community. Branding every item in a care package with school logos goes a long way towards achieving this goal. Consider the items that you can include in your school’s care package, which promote inclusivity:

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  • School Logo T-shirts or Hoodies
  • Welcome Message from the Dean
  • School Logo Laundry Bags
  • Schedule of Orientation Events
  • School Logo ID Card Holders and Lanyards

When every new student gets the same items, they see that they are going through the same process as everyone else and working towards becoming a part of a long tradition together.

Every new student can use a bit of help along the way. Why not supply them with security ID card accessories that help to promote your school, while giving new students a better chance to succeed during their first year of college or university? Contact a professional security card provider today to order security ID card accessories that display your school’s name and logo.