8 Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Signing the Contract – 2024 Guide

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Every type of project that has to be done in your house is quite demanding, especially when it comes to installing a new roof. This project is quite big, and there are many things you should think about: the safety of your property, the insurance if something goes wrong, all the mess and the garbage that will accumulate after taking down the old one, and of course, the weather while your roof is down. You surely want a beautiful but also a functional new roof, but there are many things that should be thought out in advance. Here are the most important questions you should ask the professionals before signing the contract.

1. Ask if they are licensed

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The most important thing you should ask the professionals is if they are licensed.  Keep in mind that license is different in every state, so it would be good if you researched the code that your state requires. You should work only with companies that are licensed in your state because their license is not valid in other states. Keep in mind that a roofing license is not the same as a business license. A business license means that a person or group of people can work as a company. It does not mean that the person is qualified to work as a roofer.

2. Workman’s compensation insurance

This insurance is vital because it protects the workers. It is required by the law that the employer offers workman’s compensation insurance, but it hasn’t always been that way. Even nowadays, some experts would not fulfill this requirement for a simple reason – the insurance is quite costly. You do not want to work with such roofers because if someone gets injured on your property, you will be the one who has to pay for medical bills. You surely do not want that kind of burden.

3. Liability insurance

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You should also worry about the safety of your own property. While the workman’s compensation insurance has the employees covered and compensates if something goes wrong, the liability insurances keeps your property safe. If something goes wrong or any type of accident happens, and your property gets damaged or even destroyed, you will have to pay for it. Always ask the company to show you the insurance; it should have your name and address listed. In addition to that, just to be on a safe side, you can call the insurance company and ask them. In this way, your property will be covered.

4. The protection of your landscaping

Maintaining your lawn, garden, and backyard is not an easy job, and you don’t want any damage to be done there. Installing the roof can be a messy job, and you should ask the workers what their methods of protecting your landscaping are. Also, ask if there is any form of compensation if your yard gets destroyed. You don’t want to end up with a nice new roof but with a completely messed up lawn or yard.

5. Container for refuse material

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As we mentioned, before this project can be really messy. Keep in mind that the old roof has to come down first, as well as shavings and other parts. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of garbage in your back yard so remember to ask the workers if they will bring the container to put away all the parts of the old one safely.  Keep in mind that you are not required to provide the container, they should do it. You should also ask where it will be placed. Don’t forget that the concrete might crack from all the pressure, so if they want to put it in your driveway, ask if there is a way to prevent the asphalt from cracking. They should find a proper place to put it, and you shouldn’t end up with any damage after the installation of your roof.

6. The usage of ladder stabilizer or standoffs

You should always first think about the safety of your property, and this is an additional question you should ask. Every team of professionals should use ladder stabilizers or standoffs. Those are just like big arms that rest on the roof, and that way, they protect your gutters. Because of all the weight of the ladder and people who are constantly going up and down, it might get damaged or broken. If they don’t have this kind of equipment, you might end up with a beautiful roof but a completely dysfunctional gutter system. So remember to ask your company do they have them and if not, ask how they are planning to protect your gutter system.

7. Inclement weather

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Sometimes the weather cannot be predicted. Even if your roof is being replaced during summer days, there is again a possibility of inclement weather. You don’t want a house without it during a summer storm, so ask the team in what way they can protect the interior of your house during the project. Their answer should be that they would use some kind of plastic or tarpaulin. Ask about the security of those covers and if some of them will come if it needs additional security in case a strong wind blows, or a rainstorm starts. Visit Cavalry Roofing for additional information on the safety of your property.

8. A written estimate

Installing a roof can be a long and complicated process, and you don’t want unexpected problems to occur. You should ask about the written estimate before signing the contract. All the information should be written down, such as the details of the cost of taking down the old one, the cost of installing the new one, and all the additional expenses that might come during the project. You don’t want any surprises, and you should be prepared in advance.


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We hope we have presented the most important questions to ask a roofer. Keep in mind that the safety of your property is most important, whether it is only the gutter system or your whole lawn and garden. You should think about the insurance for your house, as well as the insurance for the workers because you want them to be safe while working on your home.