Relationship vs Marriage: Splitting up 2024

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Whether you are in a marriage or in a relationship with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, splitting up can be a very difficult part of your lives. It’s is a very stressful experience and can have a serious impact on your emotional stability. No matter if the reason for your split up was because someone was unfaithful, if you stopped loving each other or if you simply don’t feel comfortable together anymore, it can still be painful and alter your normal day-to-day living.

Even if you have been unhappy in your relationship for more than a few years, the breakup can still be a horrible experience because you are still losing someone that you loved or still love. Every plan and dream you have built together is completely lost and you will never be able to realize that dream you always wanted to become true. When you first got married or got into a more serious level of the relationship then you probably were happy and made a lot of plans for your future. Once you start planning your divorce or your breakup, it means that all of that is now lost and it’s normal to grief for it.

Why splitting up is such a stressful event?

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Splitting up is different for everyone, so I can’t tell you the exact reason why you feel the way you feel, but I could number a few things why it can be so difficult at times.

To split up means that all of your habits and routines will be completely changed. You will probably have a different home or you will live alone in the home you used to live with your partner. This is disruptive enough, but there are also many other things. All of your friends that you used to go out on double or triple dates will now be too weird. How are you going to go on a double date without a partner, right?

Will you be able to find other friends? Will you ever find a partner that will make you happy again? Where are you going to live? Who is going to take the dog? Who is going to take the kids? These are one of the million questions that go through the head of someone who is going through a separation.

Naturally, the only thing that could help through this pain and confusion is time. You will need to be optimistic and move on, don’t fret on what happens, but be happy about the mature decision you both have made that it is time to go your separate ways. There is no need to stay together if you are unhappy together.

What’s the difference between a breakup and a divorce?

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A lot of people believe that there is no real difference between breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and getting a divorce with your wife or husband. The reality is that they are a completely different experience.

Your friends will never understand what it is like to go through marriage and divorce. They will try to help you by telling you they understand how you feel because they have also been through a bad breakup. Even if you live with your partner together, it is still not the same as a marriage.

When you think about marriage you need to consider a lot of things such as buying your own home together, buying rings for each other for engagement and then finally host a wedding. Even if you do not feel like these traditions are important or obligatory, they will still leave a very special memory in your heart.

All these ceremonies convince you that you will be together forever. Spending so much time, emotion and money into them is a way of showing everyone the love you have for each other and that you plan that love to last till the rest of your lives. You also legally tie all of your belongings together.

It is weird to think about that when you getting married all you have to do is say “Yes” while getting a divorce seems almost impossible. If you are looking for an alternative to divorce, check this website here.

Relationship breakup

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When going through a breakup you don’t have to worry about any legal problems with your partner. You do not have to get a lawyer or go to court just so you can split up. You won’t have to worry about your money being taken by your partner because he/she is not legally bound to it in any way. Most people in a relationship have not bought a home together which means you do not have to worry about splitting the property together. You probably do not have to worry about children since you do not have any.

Even though a breakup in a relationship is very emotionally painful, this shows you just how much easier it is to go through the process of splitting up than a divorce.


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When it comes to divorce there are many factors that come in to play. The first problem that shows up in every divorce is that one partner does not want to file for one. So, if you do not want to get a lawyer to fight your husband or your wife, you will have to go through a lot of arguments and fights to convince them that it is time to split-up. You can’t just walk out the door and expect that there won’t be any legal consequences.

Whether you come to an agreement or not, you will still have to get a lawyer, go through all the documentation about your marriage and then come to some kind of settlement about your children, your assets and your property. A lot of times this process can take for months or sometimes even years if the court cannot come to a conclusion.

Not only you are suffering from the painful separation of your partner, but you will also have to endure hours and hours of arguing between you, your partner and your lawyers.

A divorce is definitely much more complicated than a breakup.