9 Ways to Truly Relax Your Mind and Body

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Life tends to keep throwing curveballs at you, whether it has to do with school, work, or people close to you. Do you remember a point in life when you could just sit back and relax and not have to worry too much? If it took you a minute to come up with such a memory, you should definitely sit through this whole post. Also, if you’re pretty used to stressing and worrying that you’ve pretty much forgotten how to relax your body and mind, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten ways to truly relax your mind and body.

1. Meditation

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Meditation has always been one of the best ways of clearing the mind.. You can do it anywhere, so long there are no distractions. Try taking a few minutes from your day to practice meditation and give your mind some rest. The techniques in meditation are designed to put your body in a relaxed position that will encourage peace and calm. 

If you have no experience with meditation, there are many resources online to help you get started. Go ahead and watch videos to familiarize yourself with some of the specific positions and recommended environments to help you achieve total relaxation and mental calmness

2. Hot Baths

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TSoaking up in a warm bath can help relieve stress and pain, putting you in a peaceful state of mind. A nice bath with essential oils and relaxation candles can be soothing and may uplift your mood. 

Use bath salts like Epsom, which are great for the skin and also promote stress relief. Other amazing products are infused essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, and sage, which can help you unwind and relieve muscle tension.

Try and soak up in the bath for as long as you need it. Make sure it’s a warm bath as cold water makes you tense rather than relax. Use the time to let your mind wander and think of happy memories.

3. Medical Cannabis

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Medical cannabis may offer a unique answer to stress as cannabinoids can easily interact with the endocannabinoid system. Early studies on cannabis as an alternative wellness solution are coming up with promising results, especially in the area of pain management and stress relief.

Scientists have uncovered that cannabinoids, which are natural compounds in cannabis, can help lower stress levels and combat depression. This natural substance may be helpful for those finding it hard to relax due to conditions like anxiety and depression. Here’s more information from Veriheal on treating depression with medical cannabis.

4. Listen to Music

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Music is food for the mind and soul. Listening to soothing music can help keep away the stress and make you happy again. Jam to your favorite music tunes whenever you feel like letting off the tension. Music releases happy hormones in the body, uplifting your moods.

To improve chances of complete relaxation, take a walk while you’re at it. Choose places with minimal traffic like parks and enjoy a combination of fresh air, calm surroundings, and good music.

5. Get Creative

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When you are under stress, try getting creative. It does not need to be something big or perfect. The idea is to do something that will take your mind off the stressors, and creative activities are great for calming the nerves.

Throw yourself into the activity and focus on enjoying it instead of possible mistakes. If there is something creative you enjoy, make it a go-to whenever you want some mind relief.

6. Get a Massage

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Getting a massage is another simple way to put your mind and body to rest. A deep massage can help relieve pain and stress. If you feel tired and sluggish, why not seek the services of a masseuse? Massages on the back allow your body to release the built-up stress on the muscles and joints. 

Getting to lie back and focus on the movements also allows your mind a breather from all the thoughts too. You can also try massage oils infused with CBD or other essential oils that have calming effects. 

7. Journal Entry

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Have you considered journaling to clear your mind and calm down? Journal entries can be your way of channeling negative energy into a positive activity by sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Writing down what you think or feel can help you make sense of your thoughts and emotions. Apart from helping you find answers, the activity feels like a release in its own way. 

8. Take a Break

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Sometimes just give yourself a break. Machines break down and the body has its way of telling you that you need to slow down. Maybe what you need to relax your mind and body is to go on a break. Take time off work and daily hassles. It doesn’t have to be a vacation, just some time away from everything to help your mind and body recalibrate. By the way, taking a break doesn’t mean being on call to help out and give directions for work. You may rest your body but your mind may still be running full time on your day off.

9. Breath

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Try breathing exercises from time to time. Breathing in and out is a great way to relax. If you often feel like you’re suffocating or overwhelmed, train yourself breathing techniques to help you relax and think clearly. Breathing in and out helps you clear your mind and focus on what is happening at the moment. 

Remember, your mind and body are interconnected. The same way fidgeting and pacing throws your mind into turmoil is the same way relaxation exercises like breathing can calm you down. Do breathing exercises often if you struggle with maintaining focus or anxiety. 


It is possible to completely relax your mind and body. Sometimes it may take learning new tricks and getting used to acting differently in certain situations. And sometimes all you need is to find peaceful distractions. What do you usually do when you need to relax? Try our tips and see if they can help you maintain a relaxed mind and body.