Rentals to Spice Up Any Party

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The party business has thrived in recent years, reaching $5 billion in revenue in 2017. Parties are no longer reserved for a few special family occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. People throw dinner parties and plan events for holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Other types of parties include tea parties, bachelor parties, and sleepovers.

When you’re planning a party, it’s important to bear in mind that there are countless options to choose from when deciding what to include in your special event. No matter what the purpose of the party is, you can ensure your party’s success by including some special touches that stand out and provide long-lasting memories for your guests.

Photo booth rental

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In this era of selfies and smartphones, more people are taking photographs now than ever before. A fun way to put a new spin on party photos is to invest in a Long Island photo booth rental. Not that long ago, teenagers went to the mall and put coins into photo booths to get snapshots with their significant others or best friends. Although smartphones make it easy to take pictures regularly, stepping foot inside a photo booth at a party is a way to give your guests a unique keepsake from your special event.

These booths don’t come in one shape or size. There are booths that appeal to boys and others designed for younger girls. You can choose to have special borders available for your photographs to fit your party’s theme if you want. Those who want to go high-tech can get a Mirror Me Booth, which uses fun animations to elicit a smile from even the grumpiest guest and capture their image while entertaining them.


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People love games. Winter months are ideal for indoor games, and you can time-travel in style with retro arcade game rentals. Whether your party is for grown-ups who want to relive their youth or young kids who will find the games fun regardless, this is a great way to inject some fun into a party.

Alternatively, the warm months offer a unique opportunity to get outside and change the face of the games you play. Giant games let people physically walk around and move game pieces on large outdoor boards. There’s no need to wait for the next carnival to come to town, either: just rent carnival games that can be set up in your yard. This gives your guests a chance to try their hand at everything from shooting games to plinko.


Sometimes, bringing in outside entertainment can spice up a party and create a special feature at your event that can be a focal point for guests. There are a lot of different entertainers to choose from. You could bring in a magician to wow your guests with their sleight of hand and illusions. Many magicians are also trained to incorporate comedy and have experience working with audiences of all ages, so they’re an option for both children and adult audiences.

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You may be hosting a holiday or costume party, which may entice you to bring in some characters. These entertainers are experienced at playing different roles for crowds, and whether your kids love Mickey Mouse or Elsa, there are plenty of options to choose from. Companies that offer character rentals often include extra features in the rental (such as bubble machines), so there are plenty of ways to incorporate characters into your event with memorable activities. An extra bonus is that your guests can take pictures with their favorite characters.

Other types of entertainers include jugglers, clowns, and skilled impersonators. This is a great way to trick friends into thinking that Hannah Montana or another celebrity has made a special appearance at your event.