How to Get SMS Verification Without a Phone Number?


An online environment opens up unlimited opportunities, allowing for making online purchases, chatting, finding friends, and enjoying multiple services. Yet, most platforms require two-factor authentication when creating accounts. This step is taken to prevent Web portals from bots and fakes. However, this issue has a reverse side.

Users are afraid for their privacy and data security since hacker attacks are common online. Hackers are quite proficient and can break any (even the most protected) system. Thus, users do not feel secure and try to avoid specifying personal data.

Modern opportunities provide effective solutions for staying secure and anonymous when surfing the Web. Virtual fake numbers come as highly effective helpful options. Below, we’re going to explain how to receive verification code on fake number online.

Receiving SMS without a Phone


There are several ways to bypass the need to specify real phone verification. These include:

  • buying a burner number. These are one-time-use solutions. They are also called throwaway numbers that are valid for only one time.
  • using someone else’s phone. For instance, users can borrow a relative or friend’s number to pass SMS-based verification. Enter the number of your mother, sister, or bosom friend.
  • turning to Google Voice;
  • renting a virtual number on the platform of a specialized service provider.

While burner phones are active for one-time authentication and friends or relatives may need their own phones for the creation of their accounts, a temporary number comes as the best solution for risk-free authentication. It stands as a cost-effective smooth-running option. Such solutions are offered on specialized Web portals. If you want to buy virtual mobile number for SMS verification, is one such provider that offers favorable conditions and affordable pricing.

Advantages of Using Virtual Numbers


Before we answer the question of “how can I get SMS verification without phone”, let’s outline the main pros of fake online phones for mobile verification. Here they are:

  1. Privacy protection. By specifying fake info, users preserve their anonymity and avoid disclosing personal data that can become the target of hackers. Thus, they keep their digital identity confidential.
  2. 100% security. There is no risk of hacking and, consequently, rights infringement. Users can surf the Internet securely without the fear of being hacked and blackmailed.
  3. Access to restricted platforms. Some websites are forbidden in some states, meaning that access to residents of certain countries is banned. Thus, a share of users can be restricted from registration on social networks or in messengers. The use of a temporary rented phone from another state in combination with a VPN connection will open unlimited access to browsing web portals. Users will be able to create accounts and enjoy functionalities without restrictions.
  4. Multiple account registration. Sometimes, users encounter the need to have several profiles on some websites. For instance, users tend to register business and private accounts for commercial and business purposes on social networks. In most cases, they require one phone per account, meaning that the creation of another profile requires one more number.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Free and cheap communication with acquaintances around the world. In comparison with burner phones or roaming, virtual number rental comes as a more effective solution in terms of price. The cost of online numbers is cheaper than alternative options.

How to Get SMS without a Phone Using Virtual Numbers?


As we’ve mentioned above, special web portals offer online telephony services. The service provider comes as a trusted reputable supplier of online numbers for receiving SMSs and calls without having physical SIM cards or telephones. Here, users can rent or buy virtual phones, while SIM card owners earn up to 80% as passive income.

Now, let’s find out how to get SMS verification code without phone using the online platform. First of all, you need to create an account on the website:

  1. Initiate the registration process by clicking the “Sign up” button.
  2. Fill in the form by specifying your email and contact (link to Telegram, WhatsApp, or WeChat).
  3. Create a login and password.
  4. Agree to the website’s public offer and cookie policy.
  5. Pass the anti-bot captcha.

Now, you should log in and proceed to make a purchase.

  1. Study the offer. Look through the list of supported countries (13 states scattered worldwide), operators, and numbers.
  2. Consider the pricing. Find out the cost of services. Note that the price for online numbers includes the phone cost and the subscription. If you need, you can use an online calculator to get an approximate estimate.
  3. Decide how many phones you need and for what time interval.
  4. Replenish your account using one of the accepted payment methods.
  5. Issue a purchase request and pay for the service.

Once your payment has been completed successfully, you can freely use the phone, set it up in your personal account, and receive a short code for authentication. Number management is carried out online using API.

Here’s you know how to get SMS verification code online without entering your real data. Online phones are secure and convenient solutions for surfing the Web without the risk of illegal actions.