Some Ways To Keep Kids Comfortable On A Long Road Trip

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For many parents planning family road trips can be a daunting task, especially as you juggle the needs of the kids. But, it does not have to be. Through the following simple and easy steps, you can ensure that the journey not only begins positively but ends up being one worth remembering.

Mentally Prepare the Kids

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Discussing and planning the upcoming trip with the kids a few days or weeks prior helps them not only get used to the idea of travelling for a long duration of time but also potentially energises them for it. For those with precocious pre-teens or teenagers, it also cuts out any justification for tantrums.

Setting the tone for the trip do’s and don’ts is paramount, especially if you have siblings who tend to argue or get competitive with each other. Common courtesies such as not playing Nintendo games too loudly or gusty windows ought to be agreed upon beforehand.

This also communicates that as parents, you are alert, attentive, and in charge- that will go a long way to instil cooperation, a sense of teamwork and camaraderie during the journey.

Get Everyone Ready for the Trip

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Ensure the car is roadworthy. Unless unexpected, timewasters such as flat tyres, empty gas tank or an overheated engine can serve to ignite tempers and delay the journey, thus causing fatigue. If Mum and Dad happen to be cranky, be sure that the kids will be too. Take your car for a tune-up a day or two earlier for peace of mind.

Involve the kids in preparing for the trip by getting them to pack their favourite toys, puzzles, books, headphones in their own personal little bags. This ‘survival kit’ will come in handy during those dreary and weary moments.

Safety First

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Ensure that all your kids are safely strapped in their seatbelts or baby & kids car seat in the case of toddlers. Harnesses should be snug and comfortable around the body.

For the older kids assign seating arrangements early to avoid bickering, with seat rotation occurring after every few hours. For more information kindly check out

Comfortable Clothing

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Both adults and children tend to get uncomfortable in restrictive clothing, especially when on long trips. Toddlers especially can become quite fussy and irritable. Dress the kids in loose, baggy clothing that allows the body to breathe. Also, make sure that there is a spare jacket or blanket should it become cold.

Also, schedule stop-overs maybe every 2 to 3 hours. Kids not only like the break-in monotony but the opportunity to stretch their legs, take a breath of fresh air and having a change of pace is good and healthy for all present. If there is a toddler present, ensure that the back seat has enough space for changing a diaper comfortably.

Choose a safe and comfortable medium:

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The Long Journey is no longer long if you are travelling on the plane. Air travel is faster, safer, and safer than other mediums, which is a bit higher price. You must choose if you can afford it for the good of the little baby and the mother.

However, there is no airport in all areas, so the safest way to get there is by train. Tickets are difficult to manage, but everyone is doing! You can also choose roads or waterways according to your country’s communication system. Now luxury buses and launches have all been launched in our country. But in any case, do not travel as an extra passenger for the launch. Avoid public buses with kids.

Keep those things to keep kids safe:

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Children can easily become overwhelmed by the effects of the weather and the length of the journeys. So you have to take some things and do something in advance that helps keeps your child safe. For example, do not leave the baby in the seat next to the window just to avoid the sun, take extra clothes to understand the weather for the journey. When the baby is young, take high absorbency and leakage-proof diapers such as supermom baby diapers.

When the baby is sleeping, give him sunglasses so that the light in his eyes is less and he sleeps faster. If you are travelling on a hot day, take it with your hands if necessary. And keep your baby from drinking water frequently, so that it does not become dehydrated.

Carry with the necessary foods:

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Take it with cereals, infant formulas, water flasks, and feeding bottles, etc. for young children. If your child is old enough to eat grown-up food, take care of him and yours for dry foods such as biscuits, chips, fruits, freshwater, etc.

If you need dinner or lunch on the way, eat at a good restaurant. And you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap before meals and when water is about to finish, buy a good brand mineral water bottle.

Make the trip fun

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Here are a variety of things you can do to get your family, especially the kids entertained throughout the trip:

Music and games – Background music can be a super way of having fun and passing the time as the journey progresses. Familiar songs spur sing-alongs, and even funny anecdotes will do. It is a marvellous way to bond with the kids and let them know a little more about you outside of your parenting role.

As a bonus, proper music volume may even soothe the baby to sleep. Interactive road trip games such as ‘I Spy’ and ‘20 Questions’ are another fun way to keep kids’ minds engaged and keep boredom at bay.

Water and Snacks – Refreshments are an accepted trip must-have. If stocking from home, ensure that they are high energy, nutritious, non-greasy, low in sugar and hopefully mess-free.

Snacks such as apples, berries, fruit chunks, yoghurt, oatcakes and crackers are essential in maintaining energy levels. Let your kids have them before the next principal meal. Snacking together leads to bonding over tasty bitings that can spur conversation to no end.