9 Swimming Pool Upgrades to Try Out – 2024 Guide

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After some time, the pool might be looking a little dull for you to hang around. The same pool accessories and same scenery can be boring after a while, so how about doing a small upgrade to your pool and make it an appealing spot to relax and unwind.

Even the best-designed pool created with modern amenities also get outdated after a while. Therefore, doing some renovations from time to time to spice things up is the way to go. Read on to find out the swimming pool upgrades you can explore.

1. Some underwater LED lights

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How about setting your pool to your mood, some red and pink for a romantic mood, green to create a natural feel, blue to make you feel like your diving in the ocean. These lights are energy-saving and come with a controller making it easy for you to change the color and intensity.

2. Glow in the dark tiles

If you enjoy relaxing under the stars, as you point out the planets, how about swimming as you enjoy the peaceful galaxy. Turn off the porch lights and enjoy your glow in the dark lights, and for those sunny days, these tiles can give off more than 6 hours of glow. A budget-friendly upgrade that will keep you longing to hang out by the pool.

3. Some fire pots around the pool

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Lighting plays a significant role in creating that inviting ambiance; this is both indoors and outdoors areas. And the pool, to have that luxurious feel, fire pots take it a notch higher. You can either play around with some sturdy clay pots or a metal bowl, and with the flame on; you instantly transform your pool area into a sanctuary. But to create this feel, you need to have proper placement; thus, you might need some stonework to transform your space.

4. How about a waterfall

Having a waterfall by your pool will instantly create some movement and a fresh feel to your outdoor space. Stagnant water can, at times, be boring to be around, but a waterfall keeps it exciting. You could either play around with the idea of a fountain if you want something a little subtle. However, a waterfall would be a better go-to option to keep clean water cycling. The type of stone and design used in the plan is endless, making it easy to upgrade your pool look.

5. Having a beach entry

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We all like spending our summer on the beach when we get the chance, so how about having this at home. It is designed with a sloped walkway, which can be used to take a small dip in the pool.

6. Salt Water Sanitation

If you believe that chlorine is your only option for pool sanitation, you are wrong. There’s another way for you to do this, and it’s a much better option – saltwater. This is a viable option, and one worth your consideration. Using chlorine tablets can get messy at times, and it is something you need to do more often than you’d like. If you opt for a salt system, you can have softer and silkier water. Besides, your pool will need less maintenance, which is something we’re sure you love to have. Now that you know there’s an alternative to chlorine, what are you waiting for?

7. Robotic Pool Cleaners

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As they would say in one popular TV show, I believe it was in Malcolm in the middle – the future is now, old man. They were correct; as you can tell by the subtitle, you can have robots cleaning your pool. Yes, you heard it well, robotic cleaning of pools is something that’s almost a norm these days. Pool owners all over the world accepted this option and never looked back. You probably hate cleaning your pool, and having someone doing it instead of you costs money in the long run. With a robot, all you need to do is put it inside your pool, and it will make your pool clean as never before. This robot can do this job in a couple of short hours, and you can set a timer to do it during the night so you wouldn’t lose any swimming time.

8. Install a Spa

Now, here’s a good idea. If you haven’t thought about this on your own, oh my God, are you in for a revolution. With this option, you can pool a cold breezing pool into a geyser of hot water in a matter of moments and prolong your enjoyment for the day. All you need to do is add the spa to your pool. This is an ideal option if you have a big pool as it takes a little too much space. With enough room, you can position the spa directly into your pool. The benefits you would reap are immense. Let’s only mention stress relief, pain relief, fun, and an increase in the value of your property. Is there anything more you need?

9. Automatic Pool Cover

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This one is not a fancy upgrade, but it is a safety one. If you have children or pets, this is a safety measure that is a lifesaver. The same goes if someone in your vicinity has children or a pet that could come over and have an accident. With a pool cover, you make sure that no accident happens, but also that there’s no trespassing, as someone might get an idea to bath inside your pool. Furthermore, this way, you’ll keep your pool cleaner, and if you install a spa, you’ll be able to keep it warm during the night without using up too much energy. Your property will also get in value, as having a pool tucked in sets a tone for the buyer.


Renovation tends to feel like an uphill task at times; this is whether you want to change up the feel of your home or a different look outside. But for your pool, just simple steps can make a big difference to your pool’s look. A small touch here, and another there, playing around with different textures and tones will also do wonders.