How Technology Helps You To Find Scholarships


Today it’s easier than ever to get scholarships by using the Internet, which we highlight below. We also detail some of the best sites to find them.

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Students often live through their phones. They’re on the move constantly, and scholarship search sites keep up with them by offering mobile apps and sites.

However, according to US News and World Report, the desktop iterations of scholarship search sites are usually more robust than the smartphone versions. The mobile apps are fast, but the searches aren’t as comprehensive.

With more convenience for your scholarship searches, it can make a student’s life easier. And, some sponsors even offer them for students who compose an essay about how data and technology have enhanced their lives.



The best scholarship search engines find those that match your student profile. So, the website uses its algorithm to show the most relevant ones based on your specifics. That way, the site is giving you the most pertinent information and not general scholarships.

Scholarship application forms usually have a detailed description of the award, including the application deadline, the amount of the scholarship, and a URL for applying.

Many one of them are intended for a specific audience instead of open to anyone going to college. If you meet their qualifications, your chances of getting it are higher.

For instance, some of them are intended for Asians who are attending medical school in a specific state. You aren’t going to get that one if you aren’t in that group.



Students can obtain information about scholarships with technology almost instantly. Within seconds of completing their profile on a scholarship search engine, they can be matched to opportunities that dovetail with their interests, demographics, and background.

You can apply faster with technology, but remember that every scholarship has a deadline, and sponsors won’t review late applications.

So, take time at the start of your senior year in high school to start applying. And the sooner you apply, the better; there’s more money available at the beginning of the application period than at the end.

Popular Scholarship Search Engines


Now that you know more about using technology to nab scholarships, let’s review some of the best scholarship search engines:

College Board


This popular search engine has long been a leader in finding college scholarships and grant funds. College Board partners with at least 2,000 programs and has many filters to help students finetune their searches.

You can provide your academic and personal information to locate ones best for you. Or, you can search for opportunities by type. There are many on this site for high academic achievement, but others focus on students who engage in certain activities.



For many grants and scholarships, a lot of students use Fastweb. After you do a fast sign-up process, you can review more than 1 million of them worth more than $3.5 billion. Users often report Fastweb is user-friendly and a breeze to navigate.

Also, you can break your scholarship discoveries into several lists. You might make a scholarship list for academic achievements, another for accounting majors, and yet another for Florida residents.

Many users say that Fastweb is one of the most valuable tools for keeping your scholarship search organized.

This search engine offers a massive database of scholarships across the US. It’s reported that the search engine has more than 3.5 million worth $20 billion, so it’s definitely worth a search.

When you create your profile, you can narrow down the many options with dozens of personalized filters.


This finder is an excellent tool that helps many students find college scholarships. When you sign up, you’ll have many filters to boost the efficiency of your searches. But you also can start without a profile and simply look by geographic area, application type, and GPA.

If you can’t bear the thought of writing one MORE application essay, you can even search for opportunities that don’t require one. Using the customized filters will help you to save time as you learn about the 25,000 opportunities on Chegg.


This popular scholarship finder has about $10 billion of opportunities for financial aid. You can do searches for grants, fellowships, scholarship, and even forgivable loans. The site is helpful for both undergraduates and graduates.

Many users like that Peterson’s is a one-stop shop; it helps students with test prep and assembling a college list.

Department of Labor

Many students don’t realize it, but the US government also offers the ability to search for scholarships online.

The CareerOneStop website offered by the Department of Labor helps students select a career field and provides about 10,000 scholarships. You can save time by filtering results according to your major, as well as where your home and school are located.



Cappex is yet another massive directory with at least $11 billion in financial aid available. The database is updated often, so you can always find something current. But Cappex isn’t just about scholarships.

It also provides students with advice on applying for college, and you can find detailed college reviews. If you aren’t sure which major is for you, there’s information on the site to help you decide, too.


This search engine has helped students find at least $70 million in financial aid over the years. It’s an online search tool as well as a convenient mobile app.

All you need to do is create your account, provide information about where you live and your activities, and Scholly finds you both national and local scholarships. Scholly was created by entrepreneur Christopher Gray, who grew up in poverty in the South.

But he won a stunning $1.3 million in scholarship funds when he entered college. Today, his mission is to help other students find money for college. However, Scholly isn’t free like most search engines. Subscriptions range from about $8 to $45 per year.

Technology has made searching for scholarships more straightforward than ever. Now you just need to put in the time, keep at it, and you’re sure to find money to help you attend college.