The latest technology that will transform your home life

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Technology has taken the world by storm within the past few decades, and now with the rise of smart home automation, there are even more devices available that can enhance the home life experience. If you have yet to introduce smart technology within your home, you will not yet understand the advantages, and how such devices can make everyday tasks much easier and less time consuming, as well as offering you savings that will make your home life a stress-free environment.

Here are some of the latest tech innovations that you should consider having in your home.

Smart security

Even before the introduction of smartphones, homeowners have focused on the security of their homes, although now technology has taken over from neighborhood watch groups. Some of the latest security tech includes smart doorbells, which can actually send a video alert to your smartphone to show you who is at your front door. These can also be accessed remotely, giving you peace of mind when out at work or on holiday.

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You should also consider investing in hi-tech door systems like smart locks, which is perfect when you’re in a rush and forget to lock the door. All you have to do is connect the lock to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, and you can easily lock your door, again remotely.

Hi-tech heating

If you find that you use your heating a lot, resulting in expensive energy bills, you should consider investing in a smart meter or hi-tech thermostat. These devices allow you to monitor your usage daily, which will help you to reduce your heating bills as well as your carbon footprint, making your home both cheaper to run and more eco-friendly.

The majority of new build properties, like the Kings Dock Mill apartments available at RW Invest, feature high-quality installation, as well as elements such as eco-electric heating. These work together to reduce the amount of energy consumption massively, as the better the insulation, the less heating use. The eco-friendly heating systems also help in keeping your energy use at a minimum. These also offer timing features so you can set your heating at specific times throughout the day, meaning you’re never walking out to an ice box on those cold winter days.

Clever cleaning

If you’re sick of coming home from work to an untidy mess that you have to clean, then perhaps you need to invest in smart cleaning devices. Technology like IROBOT hoovers can make your life much easier, as they will do a lot of the work for you. Before leaving the house of a morning, you can schedule a clean, and it will scrub the entire house by the time you get home. The latest versions can even empty automatically, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

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Another great addition to your home could be a smart washing machine, which can again be scheduled from your smartphone. This is perfect if you need your favourite dress washed for a night out or if you’ve forgotten to wash your child’s school uniform, as you can get it cleaned just in time. This will enable you to spend less time doing the household chores and more doing what you want, especially on the weekends when all you want to do is relax, and prepare for a long week ahead.