Tips On Improving Your Cyber Security

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It’s 2019 and cybersecurity is huge for both big companies but also for medium to small size businesses. What most people don’t understand is that the age of technology comes with good, but also and bad things. And one of those bad things is cybercrime. Cybercrime is most definitely on the rise, despite what the reports say. The internet is an amazing tool that allows us to learn, discover, make money, but it’s also a platform where hackers roam free.

The advancements of the internet have allowed us new ways to store data. It also allowed us ways to obtain data from our customers with every transaction made. But as a business owner, regardless of the size of our businesses, it’s our obligation to safe keep that data. And the most frightening thing about businesses is losing that data.

One way to prevent such a thing is to employ cybersecurity. Another great way is to prevent such a thing is to improve on your existing cybersecurity. So with all that said, we are going to give you a few useful tips on how to improve your cybersecurity.

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Change Your Company Passwords

A lot of companies have employee accounts that they use to log in on their workstations. These workstations are ordinary computers who require a username and password to get in. The simplest thing you can do to improve your cybersecurity is to change your company account’s passwords regularly.

Threat Detection System

If you’re aware of the threat posed by cybercrime, then you understand the need for strong software to safe keep your company data. One way to improve your cybersecurity is to employ a threat detection AI system that will deal with threats from a different point of view. Traditional IDS/IPS systems only focus on detecting threats from a single point of view. This limited approach enables attackers to hide through the various gaps created by single-point tools. With a reliable threat detection AI system, that uses a triangulation method of screening, you dramatically reduce false positives alerts and saves time and resources by augmenting the analyst. If you want to know more about threat detection systems, visit this website.

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Delete Old, Unused, Accounts

It’s a hacker’s objective to gain access to your networks. Hackers gain this access by obtaining old credentials that have fallen by the wayside. This is usually the case when a company goes through multiple employees or decides to transition to a different system. This usually results in several old accounts that have been forgotten or left on the side. Hackers will try and obtain the credentials of those accounts since no one uses them and they are left idle. An idle account is most vulnerable since no one pays attention to it. This issue can easily be solved by deleting any old and unused company accounts from the systems.

Enable Two-Factor Authenticator

Two-Factor authenticators are relatively new and they enable users another layer of security. 2FA adds extra security to your logins and setting up is as easy as registering a phone number. First off, you will need to install an authentication app (Google Authenticator works fine) and screen a barcode. Once you’ve done that, every time you log in to a specific account you will need to enter a six digit code from your authentication app to gain access.