Things You Should Know Before Doing a DNA Test

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When you get a DNA test kit, you will get a set of instructions you will need to follow to get a proper sample of DNA from your body. You will either be asked to spin into a tube or swap around o the inside of your mouth. Some people have difficulty producing enough spit or saliva to do a spit test. If you usually have a dry mouth, a better option is probably to do the cheek swab test. Another common trick for saliva is to think about lemons, biting into a lemon and its taste. The thought of the bitterness increases the mouth saliva in most people.

What DNA testing involves

DNA can tell you a lot about yourself. Imagine if you are reverse engineering a source code for some software. If you find a function that has product prices, you can guess that the software is for a store of some kind. If you find a function about storing medical records, you can assume that the software is probably for e medical clinic of some sort. DNA tests can do the same, by looking at your DNA to determine which functions are in your genetic code. That is why some DNA test can provide lifestyle and health information.

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With the permission of their clients, a lot of DNA companies store the DNA data from millions of customers. By matching your DNA against all those other DNA patterns of other participants, some DNA companies will be able to tell if you share any unique sequences in your pattern, proving that you share ancestors somewhere in your family’s history.

This is the biggest service offered by DNA testing companies. Helping you understand your family’s history, family tree, migration patterns of your ancestors or even identify all those relatives you never know you even had.

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How to choose a DNA testing service

Not all DNA testing companies can give you the same result. Each test provider has their own size of the database. If you are looking for family history, the bigger the database is, the bigger the chance you will have for finding lost family members.

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When it comes to lifestyle and health information, DNA providers do not need the whole database. This process is about matching characteristics, genetic markers for certain traits or diseases. You could even go as far as to check out DNA kits for yourself. Go to DNAWeekly to learn more about DNA kits.

Understanding the structure of DNA

DNA is practically a code. The combination and order of the code provide instructions for creating organic material. Segments of the DNA convert amino acids into proteins. And those proteins do all sorts of things like creating new cells. From amino acids to protein, from proteins to cells, from cells to tissues, and from these tissues we get organs that finally build a living organism like humans, animals, plants and so on.

Longer strands of DNA are called chromosomes. These chromosomes are passed from both mother and father to a child. The child’s DNA contains a code that represents the characteristics of both its parents.