Benefits of using Real Estate CRM Software

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CRM stands for customer relationship management, but it can also mean several different things. Some real estate agent considers CRM to be a business philosophy, while others regard it as software made to help manage clients and another view CRM as a process that involves system, strategy, and software to nurture, gather and convert a contact into a client – and then keep the relationship healthy after a sale.

Regardless of your understanding or definition of CRM, every top real estate agent uses at least one form of CRM solution for their business. We have made a list of the top benefits you can get out of using Real Estate CRM.

A CRM will organize all your information in one place

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The most successful real estate agents have several lead generation streams. You are probably getting your contacts from sources such as your website, social media platforms, farming, the sphere of influence or SOI, online advertising site, direct mail campaigns, and many others. Maintaining all the individual databases for these lead generation is a difficult task and very inefficient.

With CRM, you can merge all the information from your lead generation sources in just one place. Contacts are easily organized and collected and you can access the information from any platform whether it is your laptop, tablet, desktop computer or mobile device.

With CRM you can make immediate responses

Responding immediately to online inquires is a very important component of a successful conversion. A lot of real estates CRMSs have a customizable automatic response feature that gives you the ability to provide immediate responses to your contacts.

You might be thinking that auto-responses always seem impersonal and while simple auto-responses like “Thanks for contacting us” do seem impersonal, you can customize your response message to each contact or group of contacts.

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You can also use CRM to keep in touch with your clients

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A lot of real estate agents think that the main purpose of a real estate CRM is to help manage and cultivate new potential clients. While that is the main benefit, do not forget about the group of people who have already used your services. Your past clients.

According to a study in 2015, 90% of buyers said that their would use their previous agent again and would recommend him or her to friends and family. However, only 10% of repeat buyers used their past agents. This is why you need to stay in touch with your clients so they do not forget you. You do not have to spam them every day with mailings and newsletters, but a few emails a year is good enough so they can keep you in mind. With real estate CRM software, you can keep track of your clients’ anniversaries or birthdays.

CRM software can let you customize your services

You should record all the information you have gathered about all your client’s interest in neighborhoods and areas, price range, types of homes they are looking for, preferences like wood or carpet flooring and things like that. Every detail you record can be used to later personalize your services for your next clients.

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