Tips For The Best Honeymoon Photos Without A Pro Photographer

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Honeymoon is a big deal. You want pictures that will not only showcase the life you want to build but also to reflect the beautiful love story. For the Instagrammers, you won’t mind some likes.

That is where I come in.

I have prepared this article to guide you on how to shoot the best honeymoon photos without having to hire a pro photographer.

Let’s get to it.

Try out Several Destinations

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Without the experience to shoot a range of photos from one location, there is only so much you can shoot on a single honeymoon destination.

Your honeymoon pictures set the tone for your story. I recommend you try incorporating different destinations for contrasting experiences and landscapes.

Most destinations have beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, and landscapes. Bringing all these together combine to create the best backdrop for your honeymoon story.

Eliminate Distractions

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Taking your pictures during the honeymoon can be a daunting task. If you don’t plan it out early enough, it might mess your experience. In as much as you want to take fantastic photos, you also want to stay in the moment and enjoy your time with your partner.

To help you get all the aspects right, you should have a designated camera time. During the photoperiod, you can put your phones on flight mode and remove any other distractions. You also get to upload the pictures to social media at the set time.

Learn a Few Photography Basics

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When you go out for the honeymoon, you are looking to have a good time, not to struggle with camera settings and other rules of great pictures. I am here to tell you that you better have more than just the camera and random images.

To help you take photos that you will be proud of after the honeymoon, you need to learn some basic photographic skills. Eliminate distractions from the camera by adjusting the composition.

Even if you don’t get it right on the first try, keep experimenting until you master.

Plan Ahead

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There is always that thrilling feeling of taking the impromptu super photo, but not every time can be improvised. With the help of your partner and the travel planner, go through your itinerary and plan the best stops to capture.

The best part of knowing the landscape and view to expect means you will have the necessary camera settings beforehand.

Timing is everything

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Every destination has the best time for shooting. For example, when headed for a honeymoon at a target with beaches, the best time to shoot is in the afternoon or evening. At this time, you get to capture the deep blue colors of the sea while in the evening, the sun looks like submerging into the waters to form a picturesque dome.

Take Different Types of Shots

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When taking photos for your honeymoon, you are looking to have your images and the landscape in the pictures. To ensure nothing misses out, you need to try different shots, angles, and settings.

According to PerfectMoment photography (a known wedding photography studio from Sydney) “The primary goal of wedding photography is to tell a timeless story”. The different shots provide a way to keep the story interesting way after your big day.

Include even the small details in your photos. You can try out the food, souvenirs, and other random activities throughout the day. The different shots and ideas will give your photo album a balanced feel.

Be Creative

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Your honeymoon is the time to enjoy before getting to the serious business of living as a family. Don’t let the need to take cool photos, take the fun out of the process. Feel free to try out new ideas you have wanted or lighting techniques. You can switch to different settings and see which works best.

Experimenting with different styles and techniques makes the session more enjoyable. And you never know, maybe you will discover new favorite preferences that you will use in regular photography.

Back up

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This is not one of the ways on how to take quality honeymoon photos on a budget, but I believe there is no need giving the tips when you will end up losing all the images. Also, it is expensive preparing another honeymoon to take pictures when you lose them. So stay safe, by creating a reliable photo backup strategy for your honeymoon photos.


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Look at it well; maybe you don’t need the pro photographer for your honeymoon in the first place. You can quickly become one. Have fun using these tips and make the most out of your honeymoon destinations.