Tips for Throwing a Terrific Party

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The party industry was worth an impressive $5 billion as of 2017. The growth in this industry underscores the significance of parties for people of all ages and socio-economic groups. Whether you love hosting a backyard barbecue with horseshoes and badminton, or booking a room at a country club that’s decorated with a deliberate color palette and furnishings to evoke the desired atmosphere, there are some key things that every party planner can do to ensure their event is a success.


Although it is possible to throw a successful last-minute party with friends, most parties require more time and preparation. Whether your party is formal or informal or big or small, there are a number of things you should do prior to the event to ensure you haven’t overlooked any details. It’s a good idea to create or refer to a checklist to make sure there isn’t anything you’ve overlooked.

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You should consider how much responsibility you want to take on for the event. Perhaps you’re throwing a 50th wedding anniversary party for your grandparents. One of the first things you need to think about is whether you want to hold the party at your home or elsewhere. This decision may be affected by your budget, but if you have a choice, it is important to consider the number of details you will assume responsibility for if the party is at your house.

Renting a room at a hotel or golf course allows you to put the burden of setting up tables and chairs on the venue staff, but if you have the party on your own property, you will need to rent tables and chairs, have them delivered, and set them up. Sometimes, hosting a party at your home may result in hidden costs you don’t consider when evaluating the cost of room rentals, such as toilet paper, water usage, and even electricity. Budgeting for both your time and money in advance will reduce your stress and help you keep your party plans from spiraling beyond your means.

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Set the mood

Every party has an intended mood. Since there is an endless and varied number of reasons you may decide to throw a party, one of the main things to consider is what type of atmosphere you want for your event. A hangover recovery party may be very informal while an engagement celebration could be a formal affair.

Those who are planning something more extravagant may want to turn to professionals, such as Aspen interior designers, so that they can shape their setting perfectly. When families use their property to host significant events, such as weddings, engagement parties, and milestone birthday parties, everything from the furnishings to the colors of the walls may play a crucial role in creating the intended effect for the event.

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Even small details can make a big impact on your guests, which is one of the reasons to carefully consider the need for redecorating or minor remodeling. The success of other parties can also hinge on striking the right mood; whether you’re planning a spooky Halloween event or a Roaring 20s New Year’s Eve Party, everything from your choice of tablecloths to drapes and extraneous decor can help set the tone.


Although not all parties will have children in attendance, if you are intending to include guests of all ages, it is important that you plan activities to engage children. When kids get bored, they pester their parents, beg to go home or find undesirable ways to entertain themselves. With all the hours spent planning and preparing, and with all the money invested in the event, the last thing that you want is to neglect some of your guests and have them jeopardize your party’s success.

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You can keep children in attendance busy and occupied by booking children’s entertainment, such as magicians and storytellers, or hosting a mini carnival with games and prizes that will keep your younger guests engaged for hours. Confetti cannons and other items can be purchased and used at your party by both young and old guests alike. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have snacks on hand that are appropriate for your youngest guests so that parents don’t need to worry about modifying food or finding something their toddler can eat. Check and see some of the options available if you want to provide party for the youngest one.

Keep these tips in mind and your party will turn out better than expected.