Top 5 Reasons to Get a Dog In Your Life – 2024 Guide with Mark Gilbert ATN

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Having a dog was something which I never had any intention of doing, I always enjoyed playing with dogs that my friends and that was enough for me and my partner. Around a year ago however my friend and boss Mark Gilbert ATN founder and CEO, was telling me about his little corgi which had just had puppies, and would I be interested in taking one. To be honest, my first thought was that I could take it and sell it, as I know that corgis are well sought after, this is further evidence that I was most certainly not a dog person.

Mark brought the puppy in the following day, and it was in a small cage, I never really looked at her, to be honest with you. Just after I finished work I went to collect the cage and took the dog home. Once we got home I took the dog out of the cage so that it could get a drink or go to the bathroom, and that was when everything changed. This dog was so beautiful and I instantly knew that she was staying with me, a decision I haven’t regretted for a second. If you aren’t sure whether or not a dog is for you, here is why I think you should go for it.

1. Chance to Exercise

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One thing that I find myself doing more than ever before are getting out on some brilliant walks with the dog, which I would never have done previously. As dog owners, you know that you have a responsibility to the dog in terms of giving it some exercise and that gives you the kick up the butt that you need to get outside. I have even started to go out on my bike now, with the dog in tow.

2. Getting Home

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I always arrive home before my partner and in the past, I would have come home to an empty house, but not anymore. There is something really amazing about coming home to these little things, all excited and happy to see you, it is a real pleasure. I must not how tough it is to leave her in the morning, especially when she starts crying, but all of that is washed away when I arrive home and she jumps all over me. If your dog is going to be an outside dog, be sure to check out for dog kennel options.

3. Family

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I know that my partner and I will have children one day but right now it is way too early to be thinking about that. The dog then has proved to be the perfect way of adding to our family without taking any drastic measures, and it has really brightened my partner and me that little bit closer together. Dogs are such strange and interesting creatures and they have the power to really make a house a home and make us feel like a family.

4. Teaching

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As soon as I decided that we would keep the dog I couldn’t wait to show her a few tricks, and this is something which has really taken up my time and my focus in recent months. I love teaching her how to do new things and every time I teach her something and she gets it with ease, I can’t wait to move on to something a little more difficult. I started off teaching her to sit and lie down, then to roll over and now she is able to close doors, jump through hoops and many other cool tricks around the home. This is a great little project for any owner and the dogs love it too. Dogs love to be tested and challenged, and that is why I really love teaching her tricks.

5. Responsibility

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I completely understand now why people get dogs to see if they are responsible enough to have children and since I have had the corgi I have found that I am so much more conscious than ever before. I always have one eye on her and every time I am doing something or making plans, I know that I always have to keep her in mind. This is so strange because prior to the dog arriving I would never have thought that I could ever be this way, but since she arrived I have seen a very different side to myself that I didn’t realize that I had.

Having a dog is great in so many ways, they are a source of entertainment, they give you the chance to get out and about, and they really do become this brilliant and loyal friend who stays with you. If you are on the fence about whether ornate getting a dog is a good idea, then take it from someone who never wanted a dog, that this is going to be an excellent decision for you.  If you are looking for Best Small Dog Harness click here.