Top 7 Bitcoin-Friendly Banks 2024

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The title of this article probably sounds strange to people that are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. Many people would say that crypto was discovered to make a new system without banks. Well, this statement is true. However, that does mean the cryptocurrency world would function without “modern” banks.

Many traditional banks felt that the growing popularity of BTC can destroy the banking system of today. Because of that, they stopped collaborating with businesses that are using BTC or any other crypto. That is actually the main reason why we have so-called Bitcoin-friendly banks.

You can find this sort of bank in all 4 parts of the world. There are many in the UK, US, and European Union. Some “smaller” markets will probably get their banks shortly. But, for now, you can find these banks in some of the most powerful countries in the field of economics.

So, let’s see which banks are the best bitcoin-friendly banks in the world.

On our list, you will be able to find banks from different regions of the world. So, let’s get going.

1. Monaize

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This is one of the most famous BTC-friendly banks in the EU. It is an integrated banking platform for usual bank and crypto users. The good thing about this e-banking platform is that has a mobile-first approach. Small business owners and freelancers can benefit from this feature. They will be able to make some sort of crypto-business bank account.

Besides that, these banks are quite faster than most of the traditional banks. For instance, they have an instant KYC check process in place to onboard business. The entire process lasts for a few minutes. This is something you will not be able to find in traditional banks.

People in the USA and the UK will be able to use the services of this bank soon.

2. Change

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Isn’t this fun name for a bank? Well, this bank is a perfect choice for people that are working with BTC. This bank provides its users with in-app trading of Bitcoin. However, they are not limited only to this cryptocurrency. They are also working with Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

Believe it or not, you can find their app on both, Android and iOS play stores. Unfortunately, this app is currently available only for European users.

Change plans to launch native debit/credit cards. Currently, they are waiting for the European payment license. They predict this will happen at the beginning of next year.


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Let’s move from Europe to the USA for a moment. More precisely, let’s go to the West Coast. This crypto-friendly bank is located in Texas. It provides services to US military citizens. However, if you are/were not a soldier, you can still open a bank account.

USAA did something amazing. They invested around $150 million in Coinbase. This investment was quite useful for bank users because they can easily interact with Coinbase’s Bitcoin account. Every bank account holder will be able to track the Bitcoin wallet. This includes checking your current balance and monitoring transactions.

4. Ally Bank

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We won’t go far away. Ally Bank is also one of the crypto-friendly banks that are located in the USA. However, their services are dedicated to traditional users as well. This bank serves large cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase. Logically, they had to fulfill the law requires of the USA previously.

At the moment, only US citizens have the right to use this bank. But, that doesn’t mean this bank won’t expand their business in many different regions.

5. The National Bank of Canada

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Canada is one of the countries where is hard to find a BTC-friendly bank. For instance, some of the most successful banks like the Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto Bank do not accept BTC. However, the national bank of Canada still accepts to work with BTC users. You have the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Yet, there is one small condition. You have to be a resident of Canada.

6. Barclays

We are again in Europe, but this time in the UK. In this country, the most successful bank is interested in BTC and the entire blockchain industry. They offer services to UK citizens. For example, people in the UK can buy and sell BTC thanks to their banking services. The good news is – these services come together with Coinbase.

Barclays is investing a lot in most modern blockchain technology.

7. Wirex

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Wirex is another BTC-friendly bank located in the UK (London). If you become their users, you will be able to sell and buy BTCs. Yet, there is something specific about this bank. Their services are not limited only to UK citizens. It is available to people that live in all parts of the world.

The best thing about this bank is that you get their real-debit card connected to your bank account. But, that’s not it. With this card, you will be able to make in-store retail purchases. When you do that, you will get a so-called cryptoback. This is a 0.5% cashback that comes in the form of Bitcoin.

There are many good services that this bank provides to crypto and “non-crypto” users. For instance, it allows you to send 18 different digital and traditional currencies in all parts of the world. The entire process is easy and fast.

Something that we should note is that Wirex works in parts of South-East and East Asia, and Australia as well. Residents in Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, and Australia can also use the services of this bank.

You probably understand now why we ended this article with this bank. BTC fans from all parts of the globe can become its members/users.


Our intention is not to promote any of these banks. Each user should check the conditions that each of these banks is offering. As you can see, most of the banks are limited because they only cooperate with the citizens of their country. We can only conclude that Wirex splits from the masses because of their worldwide availability.

So, what do you think? Which one of these banks will satisfy you the most?