Best All-In-One Printers in 2024

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Printers are an essential part of every modern office. Throughout the years, people had to combine it with other much-needed devices that they had to use in their everyday work. In order to avoid having multiple devices in the office that could use too much space, people thought about combining several of them into one. This was the beginning of all-in-one printers.

All-in-one printers are printers that can besides printing, can do scanning and copying. Furthermore, they are categorized into home small business use. They are exceptionally useful devices that will handle multiple tasks at once and will save the time you would waste in doing all of these three separately. When it comes to the numbers talk, they are pretty economical, they will save you a large amount of money with their work.

The logic is pretty simple, you are going to use one device instead of using three or four at once. You should not be worried about using them because all of the devices have their own set of guides that are going to help you with the use of these very effective machines.

As we said in the beginning, these devices are an essential part of every company. In order to help you with choosing the best one, we compiled a list of the best all-in-one printers in 2024. We hope that this list of ours will have an influence on your future buying decision. Without further ado, let us begin.

Brother MFC-J985DW

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We are going to start our list with a model MFC-J985DW, which was manufactured by a really popular company, Brother. They are very popular for two reasons, for their affordable prices and overall quality of their printers. Furthermore, they are pretty popular because of their low running costs. This printer is a part of the INKvestment series which was started by the manufacturer which is popular because of their high-capacity ink refills. Plus, you are going to have the better price of cost-per-page than every printer you are going to find on the market. This is a fact.

It has some exceptional features that fill into your office just right. It has two-sided printing, and wireless printing from devices like Mopria, Wi-Fi, Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, etc. When it comes to networking, it is enabling through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-fi Direct, or you can simply use USB. The paper capacity is one hundred pages. This printer can handle up to 8.5’’x14’’ or legal-sized paper as it is called. When it comes to performance, you can print up to ten color pages and 12 black-and-white pages per minute.

Hp OfficeJet Pro 8720

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We continue our list with the product of HP, a model 8720. This is a wireless printer that boasts an exceptional option when it comes to connectivity and borderless photo printing. This makes it an ideal option for performing standard tasks like copying, photography and faxing. All of your tasks can be performed through a 4.3-inch color touchscreen which can perform swipe and tap feature. When it comes to wireless printing, it is facilitated by NFC touch-to-print for different devices and AirPrint for Apple’s products. Some of the users reported some difficulties in the process of setting up the wireless functionality, but after it is run, it will work flawlessly.

Print management options are buoyed by really impressive speeds, that consist of really fast automatic printing for a 50-page and two-sided printing. Also, it has a 250-sheet paper tray. According to the specification, the printing speed is 20 pages per minute for color pages and 24 for black and white pages. Furthermore, the cost per page is 50% lower to laser printers, which is pretty effective if you ask us. When it comes to resolution, it has 1200 dpi and has borderless photos print in a 4×6-inch size, which is called standard size.

Brother MFC-L6800DW

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The next on our list is another model that was produced by Brother, MFC-L6800DW. This model is exceptionally fast. It doesn’t matter if you are printing or scanning, this printer will provide you with utmost accelerated work. The maximum speed of this device is 48 pages, 50 single-sided, or 100 double-sided per minute, which is, you will agree, extremely fast. When it comes to capacity, it can fit around 570 sheets of paper in the main and multi-purpose trays. If you want, you can increase its capacity by up to 1,610. If this is not impressive, then we don’t know what is.

Depending on how fast can this device print documents, the increase of capacity can be found very useful in a wide array of situations a user can find himself into. There are some extra features of this device. For example, this model supports faxing and auto-duplex printing, it can scan directly from mobile devices or clouds, and of course, it has Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, you can use a feature called Secure Print, this feature will ensure that no one will have the opportunity to take a look at your documents without your permission. Whatever you might need in fax, copying, or printing, Brother has a solution for you. It’s called MFC-L6800DW.

Honorable Mention

In the last part of our article, we are going to mention one honorable mention that didn’t succeed in finding itself in our top 3.

Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW

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This definitely not the best-designed printer you can find on the market, but this is the one that gets the job done. M3870 is a model manufactured by Samsung, a world-renowned company. In case you need fast printing and you don’t care much about color, this is a really capable and straightforward option that can provide you with the utmost speed. It can print up to forty pages per minute and it warms up pretty fast. You will have your first page prepared in less than ten seconds. This printer is good for heavy printing. You can create up to 80,000 pages per month. Also, you will get more from each sheet as well, if you decide to use auto-duplex printing. Furthermore, this is an internet-connected printer.