Traveling To New Zealand? You Need To Know This

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New Zealand is one of the most interesting countries to visit if you’re a lover of nature, camping, and amazing scenery. Outdoor-minded people, adventurous spirits, and nature lovers will feel at home in New Zealand due to how amazingly rich in vegetation this country is.

That’s not to say that New Zealand is an unexplored jungle or an un-climbable mountain, but the rich forests and amazing hiking places make New Zealand one of the best destinations in the world.

This article will focus on the most important things to know before traveling to New Zealand. It will cover some technical tips, and some traveling tips, so stick around as it might prove useful.

1. Strict Customs Checks

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Upon arriving in New Zealand, you will instantly notice how strict their customs check policies are. The customs people will check everything regardless if you’ve marked “nothing to declare” on your customs sheet.

If you have traveling gear with you, then make sure to have everything cleaned up beforehand as they will inspect every inch of your bags. If you’re carrying any foods, make sure to have them properly sealed in packaging and have them easily recognizable.

Another thing to note is that from October 2019, both US and UK citizens will require an NZ ETA Visa for entering the country. A great place to go and read about it would be to learn more here.

2. No Dangerous Animals Like in Australia

Many people think that New Zealand and Australia are similar in wildlife due to the close proximity of both countries. However, that could not be further from the case. There are no poisonous insects in New Zealand (except for one spider called Katipo Spider), as well as, snakes, or any large predatory animals. The island is quite safe for travelers who like to hike the mountains of New Zealand. As a matter of fact, there are no snakes in New Zealand, just lots and lots of sheep.

3. New Zealand has Inverted Seasons

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Before you even book your flight to New Zealand, you have to understand that the island rests in the Southern Hemisphere where the seasons are inverted, compared to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere countries.

So, according to this information, the best months to visit New Zealand would be December through February, although the weather is quite nice for outdoor activities anywhere from November to April. But December through February are the busiest months since they are the summer months.

On the other side, if you’re visiting New Zealand for winter sports, June to August is the best time to do it.

4. Unique Outdoor Activities

Probably the reason as to why you’re visiting New Zealand is due to the fact that you’ve heard about its captivating and diverse landscape. New Zealand is one of the best places to visit if you wish to escape big city life and go explore the countryside.

With numerous and diverse activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and more, New Zealand packs a brilliant punch of outdoor activities that will more than meet the standards set by adventurous spirits and outdoor lovers.  Some of the best-hiking sites are the brilliant Tongariro Alpine Crossing located on the North Side or the extremely popular Milford Track on the South Side.