Venice Misconceptions You Should Not Believe

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The very first thing that has to be said about Venice is that this is a city that is different than any other city in the entire world. This is why most tourists keep coming back. It is really hard not to want to go back when the experience can be so incredible.

Fortunately, tourism is well-developed in Venice. This means that you can easily enjoy many different things, from the really popular gondola rides to a Venice private food tour such as the one provided by Withlocals. No matter what you want, during your research phase, you will come across many misconceptions.

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of Venice, many talk about the city without actually knowing the truth. That is why you should never believe the following really common misconceptions about Venice.

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Venice Is Overcrowded

This is a perception that is just partially true. In reality, the area around Rialto and San Marco are where crowds are always present during the summer season. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to avoid this.

Make sure that you think about when you are going to visit the town of Venice. Similarly to most of the touristic cities from around the world, school holidays and summer months should be avoided since the city is more crowded. Whenever possible, try to book the trip in a month that is calmer. This simply makes it a lot easier to enjoy the entire city. Also, if possible, go during weekdays.

If you visit for the first time, you definitely want to visit Palazzo Ducale, Rialto bridge and the incredible San Marco Basilica. However, in order to enjoy this more, do so when there are not many tourists present. The top hours of the day are better spent the areas that are less crowded, like Santa Croce, San Polo, and Cannaregio.

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Venice Can Be Visited In Just A Day

It is simply impossible to visit everything that the city has to offer in a single day. Venice is definitely smaller than many other European destinations, but the charm of this city cannot be grasped in a day.

The problem when you visit just for one day is that you most likely visit simply the main landmarks. You are going to be surrounded by large crowds. It is possible that the visit will not really be enjoyed.

Venice is so much more than the area around San Marco. Even if you visit the city ten times, you still find new things that surprise you.

By simply walking off the beaten path for a few minutes, you can find numerous quiet canals and streets. No map is actually needed since Venice is small. Simply walk and then choose those streets where there are not many people. You will find something you will love.

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It Does Not Take Long To Go From One Place To The Next

While you can so easily walk in Venice from one part to the next, in most cases you will notice that you spend much more time than what you initially anticipated. This is because of many possible reasons. Sometimes you will get lost, and sometimes you will just find something that is really attractive, and that has to be explored.

It is important to mention the fact that Venice addresses are different than what you see in most large cities. The numbers you see in addresses are often not linked to streets. They just keep going along different streets. Basically, if you want to follow the numbers, you find yourself turning different times and can end up losing track.

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It Is Easy To Take A Taxi

There are no cars in Venice, and most of the hotels have direct boat access. This is why it is sometimes difficult to find a water taxi. Be ready to carry luggage yourself and do so across some stepped bridges. Due to the way in which Venice is built, the best thing you can do is to travel light. If someone in your travel group is disabled, pay extra caution with travel arrangements.

Also, last but not least, hailing water taxis is not something as simple as with the regular taxi. Guests are only picked up at specific locations in the city.