How To Use A Fishing Net The Right Way – 2024 Guide


A fishing net is one of the most important gears an angler needs to have. Whenever going on a trip with your buddies to the nearby lake or river for a day out fishing, make sure to bring a net with you.

It’s safe to say that this the sort of fishing gear that saves you plenty of trouble. It will make sure that you successfully reel the fish out of the water and it will save you plenty of time doing that.

Especially for large fish, this is an indispensable item that everyone should carry with them. But how do you use a fishing net the right way? In this article, we will look at how to do exactly that. So with all that said, let’s start.

Always Have It On Standby


The golden rule is to always have the net on standby. We do this so that we’re ready for anything the water throws at us. Whether it’s a chunky smallmouth bass or a catfish, you’ll want to act as quick as possible. During fishing tournaments, the net is supposed to be laying somewhere in the back so that your buddy can quickly get it without causing a nuisance.

You’d be surprised to find out just how easy it is for the net to get caught in fishing line, hooks, and rod tips when laying somewhere it’s not supposed to. So the golden rule of using a fishing net the right way is to always have it ready and laying somewhere away from all the other gear.

Keep A Distance


It’s quite challenging to use a fishing net on your own, especially when catching a big fish game. And most trips are boring when going solo. That’s why fishing is a hobby for at least two people. When one of you catches the fish, the other is supposed to help you get it to shore using the net.

But there are situations where your buddy is doing more harm than good. Especially when the two of you are fairly inexperienced. The right way of using a fishing line is to keep a distance and give your partner enough room to maneuver when fighting the fish. Don’t get too close instantly as chances are your buddy will take a few minutes to reel it close.

Once the fish is at a catchable distance, you’ll need to step in and catch it with your net. Don’t get too close to your partner and always approach it from a different angle. That way you won’t catch the line and potentially snap it. Wait for your buddy to tire it, reel it, and then catch it.

Be Patient


The biggest beginner mistake to avoid making is chasing the fish with the net. Even if your buddy has done a good job of tiring it, fish respond very aggressively to objects coming close at them. Considering that a fishing net is a pretty big object, if the fish isn’t close to you, it will start swimming away at the sight of it. More so, the fish maybe still has the energy it in and isn’t ready to be landed.

The process of catching it with a net requires patience and striking at the right moment. Instead of chasing it, let your buddy reel it close and then catch it on the first try. If you fail to catch it on the first try, then that means the fish is still feeling energized. More so, you’re putting the fish under more stress and that can be a problem, especially if you are a catch and release type of angler.

A whole world of complications can arise if the fish isn’t ready to be caught. Fishing nets and all kinds of accessories are vital for having the best trip of your life. That’s why you should be purchasing the gear from reputable sellers. For more information on that, make sure to visit

Try Not To Harm the Fish


When it comes to properly use a net, it’s all about catching the fish in a single swing. However, fish can be pretty stubborn and move quickly at the sight of a net. That’s why you need to be extra careful and make sure that not to harm the fish while approaching it.

Stabbing a fish with a net is pretty common. While you won’t inflict any serious damage, you can still harm it. That’s why you need to be using a specific method when it comes to catching fish.

What rookies do is they try to lunge forward directly at it. This is an obvious mistake as you’ll poke it before you catch it. The only viable method to successfully catching fish with a net is to use the scooping method.

The scooping method goes like this:

  • Keep your head up as this gives you the best possible chance to stay balanced and not get dragged in the water by big game.
  • Put the net in the water with its head down in a scooping position.
  • When the fish is directly above the net, simply pull it up and bring it towards you.

By doing this you are making sure the fish has nowhere to go even if it somehow manages to escape the hook. Whenever doing this, make sure to put the net in the water at the right time. We mentioned earlier what happens when you do it too early or try to net it too fast.

Instead of that, wait for the fish to tire and be in your close proximity. This will make sure the fish doesn’t freak out and get a short burst of energy that could be everything that it needs to somehow escape the hook or potentially snap the line.


There is indeed a right way to using a fishing net. While it might take a few tries to become a pro, do know that it is one of the easiest things to learn when it comes to the hobby itself.