How Vlogging can Improve Your Mental Health – 2024 Guide


Vlogging is one of the most trending activities in the current era. Having a career as a YouTuber has inspired one too many people in recent times. If you are good at  this, you can become quite a star in a very less time.

As a YouTuber, you can enjoy multiple benefits bestowed upon you by numerous companies. Vlogging videos like unboxing a package, travel diaries, etc., have gained a lot of traction, due to which, many YouTubers are leaning towards this activity.

You can not only avail several benefits from companies, but can even get your hands on some free merchandise and other sponsorship products. Apart from these materialistic benefits, you can also improve your mental health to an extent by following the trend of vlogging.

This article will talk about how vlogging can improve your mental health and why it is a good idea to invest your time and energy into such an activity.

Vlogging and Mental Health:


There are many different ways in which vlogging can be beneficial for your state of mind. Although you do not get solutions for your problems, or there may not be people who praise you for speaking your problems out loud, there is just something therapeutic about voicing your thoughts.

Also, there may be many viewers who relate to your struggles and feel a sense of normalcy for going through something similar. In this way, you would not only be improving your mental health but would be contributing to someone else’s mental health improvement as well, even if it is just a little bit.

YouTube is considered to be a very positive space online. In today’s world, where social media platforms are always under a negative light, the videos on YouTube have emerged as a positive influence for multiple viewers.

When you watch a vlog from your favorite YouTuber, it can lighten up your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Some viewers have even admitted to countering their issues after seeing YouTube videos.

We live in a society where mental health is  a stigma , and not many people speak openly about it. Although several initiatives are out there to raise awareness about mental health, there are still many who fear opening up about their struggles.

Such YouTube videos encourage people to reach out for help and find a solution to their suffering. This can be a first step towards rectifying and solving your problems and emerging as a happier and fulfilled person.

How Can I Combat Mental Health Issues through Vlogging?


Vlogging has emerged as one of the best ways to deal with issues related to mental health. YouTube has just created a comfortable community to follow up with this activity. If you are someone who is dealing with issues, you must always remember that you are not alone in this battle.

You can try vlogging to relieve some of the stress that is creating havoc in your mind. In this article, you will know how you can make vlogging videos to combat your mental state. While making such vlogging videos, you need to edit them properly before posting it online. You can use professional tools for this purpose. InVideo is a great site that can help you with your vlogging journey.

First of all, you will need to create an account on YouTube. Once you are through with the basic requirements, you can move ahead and create videos and upload them on YouTube through your account.

When you record a video, start by discussing the typical struggles of a person who is going through an issue that is affecting them. Once the topics discussed in your videos are relevant, you will be able to reach a larger audience. That is how you grow your community of like-minded people on YouTube.

You can share your personal experience of dealing with mental health problems, and you must encourage others to voice out their thoughts often as well.

Engage the Viewers:


Once you have grown your community on YouTube, you need to find ways in which you can keep your audience engaged. One way of doing this is by notifying your circle on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, whenever you upload a new video.

One way of creating engaging videos is by merging images and video clips. You can add any required image to video by making use of professional tools that are readily available online.

When people comment on your social media posts or the vlog, take some time out to respond to them. Listen to the problems faced by your viewers and also be open to suggestions given by them.

When you put an effort to keep your audience engaged, you can be sure that they will see the next video you post. They may even start sharing it on their social media platforms, which will increase the number of people in your community.

Arrange Meet & Greet Sessions


Once you have established a close bond with your viewers, you can even arrange for a “meet and greet” session. This engagement will go a long way in increasing your popularity on YouTube through your vlogs.


In a time where human contact and interaction are minimum,  rise in mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc., are pretty common. There is no sure-shot way of eliminating such issues, but there are different ways in which you can combat and learn to live with them.

Through vlogging, you would get an outlet to speak about your problem, which can significantly impact your mental well-being. Create vlogs that are engaging, interactive, and unique. Make every video a little different from the previous one.

Also, try to keep your videos short and discuss issues that more people can relate to. Use these tips to not just combat your mental issues but also help someone else who is also going through the same pain.