Investments to Consider at The End of 2024


It would be fair to say that it has been a rather turbulent year around the world, and this has been particularly evident in the financial markets. If you can recall all the way back in February/March, global stock markets were in freefall, with drops of well over 50% reported for some of the largest companies in the world. Of course, the major indexes were hit very hard too, which left investors running for the hills.

This was all due to the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and while stocks and shares have somewhat recovered since then, things are certainly looking dicey once again. For this reason, we thought we would put together a quick post that will identify certain companies that might not only weather the storm but also thrive.

Let’s get right into it, starting with a company that is really innovating hard as 2024 comes towards the latter stages.

1. NetEnt


Due to the severe economic impact of COVID-19 suffered throughout the world, especially at the peak of the pandemic, many industries were forced to shut down entirely. This was particularly prominent in the gambling industry, whereby high-street bookmakers and leading physical casinos all needed to close their doors. As devastating as this has been for the companies operating within these physical locations, those that are involved in the online gambling space have started to thrive.

This is particularly true in the case of NetEnt, which is a company that is a premium supplier of digital casino games to the very best online casino brands, such as The reason these guys might thrive is that demand for online gambling hasn’t actually dropped at all, and due to physical locations being closed, this is now the only option for many players. For this reason, we believe that the share price will continue to rise for NetEnt as they partner with more and more leading casino sites.

2. Greatland Gold


If you have ever been involved with investing, you will know that when economic turbulence strikes, people often rush to physical gold to protect their portfolios. While this is a solid strategy since gold is seen as a relatively consistent asset, this company has been silently rising at an alarming rate. Interestingly, Greatland Gold isn’t actually ‘physical gold’, it’s simply a company in Western Australia that mines gold.

Now, you’ve probably never heard of this company before, and that’s because the share price is less than 30 cents – not one of the major players obviously. However, when you consider that the share price has gone up more than 1,000% in 12 months and that Greatland Gold is mining physical gold at a rapid rate, they are worth checking out.

3. GSK – Glaxo-Smith Kline


When an economic downturn commences, the choice of shares in a person’s portfolio should always be in companies that might provide a solution to the troubles of the world. Since COVID-19 is the most significant factor that has caused stock markets to plummet, why not invest in one of the leading healthcare companies in the world? GSK has been in the healthcare game for years, and it is one of the most successful companies of its kind.

To put things simply, the race for a COVID-19 vaccine is well and truly on, and GSK undoubtedly has the manpower and the resources to play a major part in this medical breakthrough. The stock price for this firm hasn’t been hit quite as hard as other medical companies either, so you can expect your investment to show less volatility.

Finally, can you imagine if GSK played a huge role in finding the coronavirus vaccine? Sure, it’s a gamble, but if this materialized, the rewards could be absolutely enormous. After all, any kind of investment carries a degree of risk, but by choosing GSK we feel that it is a calculated risk to take.

4. Nvidia Corp


With the world moving indoors for a yet to be known period of time, the digital world is rapidly taking over everyday life. Nvidia are the leading company when it comes to graphic chips, providing hardware to the majority of the eSports world as well as private consumers. Sales of video chips are rising not just because of eSports, but also thanks to cryptocurrency. High end video cards are utilized for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Since Bitcoin has entered our lives, the sales and prices of the cards skyrocketed. In 2018, Nvidia stokes went up by 23% and since then it maintained a constant 20% yearly growth rate.

ESports have been growing steadily for the past 3 decades and with each year the prize money rises, the amount of interest increases, the players are pushing new boundaries and with that comes a growing need for graphics cards.

The Nvidia stock is expected to keep growing with no foreseeable pitfall at the time of writing this article, so if you can, it’s highly recommended to look into this stock closely and make a calculated decision. Remember that stocks can be a dangerous game, even a stock that seems as safe as this one, can suddenly plummit and leave the investors broke and angry.

You can also look into Nvidia’s main competitor, AMD, who make more affordable graphic chips, though considered lacking compared to Nvidia.

Final thoughts

These are just a handful of the stocks and shares that you might want to consider purchasing right now. To conclude, these shares might not perform as expected, but as investors, all you can do is look at the situation in the world, how these companies operate, and then make calculated predictions for which way the stocks could go. These three stocks certainly have the potential to skyrocket if things work out the way we would like, but of course, there are no guarantees.

With this in mind, there are certainly more turbulent times ahead with coronavirus still causing havoc around the world, but the biggest risk of all is being out of the market!