Weight Loss Pills – The Truth Or The Myth?

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Overweight and obesity are some of the biggest challenges of today. These weight issues aspire to become epidemic, carrying the risk of many different diseases. In the last decade, this problem has become even more prominent and more frequent. For that reason, much work has been done to reverse this growing trend. There are many ways to lose weight, including diets, weight loss products, and weight loss pills.

Several studies have examined the impact of obesity on human health. They have shown that this condition can be quite dangerous. Obesity is an increased amount of fat that is found in the body and it occurs in individuals whose body mass index is more than 30. It is also a major risk for the development of many chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The interesting fact is that the problem of obesity is increased in low and middle-income countries, especially in urban areas.

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These are good reasons to consider all the possible options for losing weight – including weight loss pills.

What Are Weight Loss Pills Used For?

Weight loss pills are a therapy treatment for overweight people worldwide.

They are an additional tool in the fight against excess weight. Numerous research has been done on the effect that weight loss pills have on the health of the people who use them.

According to Top10better.com, weight loss product users are divided into several common categories:

  • Women over 30 or 40 that need to boost their energy or fight against frequent food cravings.
  • Women after childbirth who want to get their figure back.
  • Men with a lack of physical activity, who are unable to work out regularly.
  • Diabetics who need a weight loss product that won’t affect their blood sugar levels.
  • Vegans who want to find an adequate plant or fruit-based products.

In addition to the weight loss pills, a lifestyle change is recommended, as well as the diet that should be less caloric. The introduction of physical activity as a daily routine is also recommended. This way satisfactory results can be achieved to escape the obesity zone in a large number of persons.

How Much Weight Can Be Lost Using Weight Loss Pills?

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Weight loss pills can be the option for those who are overweight but also for patients who have serious health issues. People with heart problems, diabetes or high cholesterol cannot control their weight through diet or physical activity. When it comes to the number of pounds that can be lost by using weight loss pills, the situation is different and depends on many factors.

However, some studies have shown that by using diet pills, it is possible to lose 5 to 10% of your body weight over 12 months. It is also necessary to check their effect after approximately 12 weeks. If you haven’t lost a certain amount of weight in that period despite adherence to the diet plan, then it is possible that these pills do not have a proper effect on your body. The fact is that certain weight loss pills do not have the same effect on everyone.

Therefore it is necessary to further examine their effect on your body weight. It is certainly not advisable to lose more than 2-3 pounds a week, because losing more weight can lead to unintended consequences for your health.

Ultimately, weight loss pills can be a very comfortable and very effective tool in the fight against excess weight. Still, there are some things to keep in mind.

What is very important to note, is that diet pills shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement or a substitute for regular physical activities. That is a common misconception for people who want to lose weight and therefore reach for diet pills.