Five Ways To Wellbeing You Should Work On This Stoptober


October is the month to give up alcohol and for many people around the world, it can prove to be a tough challenge.

This year will be no different, particularly as more people than ever before are abusing the substance in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, political crisis, and mental health crisis. Of course, for those who are suffering, Stoptober shouldn’t necessarily be limited to just one month.

Places like Primrose Lodge, one of the more prominent drug and alcohol centres in Surrey, aid people in getting sober all year round and encourage them to stay that way, entering recovery for life.

But baby steps can often be the best way, so if you’re planning on going sober this October, here are five ways to well-being you should consider.

1. Connect with people


The digital world is brilliant for connecting with people in a similar position to you. You’ll find tons of Facebook groups, other social media sites, forums, and even apps that allow you to concentrate on quitting alcohol or dealing with addiction and help keep you on track.

They offer support, and advice and allow you to track your progress, bringing a higher sense of achievement and a more dedication to the cause.

2. Throw yourself into learning

Whether it be throwing yourself into education outside of addiction, or learning about your own relationship with alcohol, the spare time you have is perfect for learning. It can come in all shapes and sizes from learning a new skill to dedicating some time to giving up for good. Either way, it will be hugely beneficial to you.

3. Become active


Regular drinking is bad for your health, and taking the time out from it will allow you to become more active and in turn get fitter. Being active can take a wealth of forms, from getting out in the garden to taking up running or hiking. What’s more, it’s a great way to catch up with friends too.

4. Help others

Similarly, if you are getting support through connecting with people, then take the time to help others make that lifestyle or health choice too. Offer support and advice based on your own experiences and you may well provide others with the inspiration they need to stay on track.

5. Look up to the world around you


Finally, use the time in which you’d normally be in the pub or sat on the sofa drinking alcohol to look at the world around you. So frequently you can become fixed on the next drink, missing out on what’s going on elsewhere, from nature to what’s going on in friends’ and families’ lives. There could be so much you’ve missed out on!