Mastering the Art of Bookmaking ─ Testing Bookmaking Software


Bookmakers are increasingly turning to software platforms to help manage client accounts and operations. But choosing new bookmaking technology is a big decision. That’s why providers offer free trial periods – so bookies can evaluate solutions risk-free before subscribing.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of signing up for free trials of bookmaking software. We’ll also cover how to maximize trial periods to thoroughly test options before making any commitment.

Understanding Bookmaking Software

First, let’s quickly recap what services bookmaking software provides. These platforms offer white-label solutions to help bookmakers manage accounts and operations.

Key features include:

  • Client account management
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Bookmaker dashboard and admin tools
  • Client performance reporting
  • Automated payouts to clients
  • Odds and data feeds
  • Risk management integrations
  • Compliance tracking

Top bookmaking platforms aim to automate time-consuming tasks so bookies can instead focus on client relations and business growth. They handle the technical aspects while giving bookmakers control.

What is a Free Trial?

Now that we’ve covered bookmaking software, let’s look at what a pay per head free trial entails.

Free trials allow bookmakers to test drive software risk-free, usually for 4-8 weeks. During the trial, bookies gain full access to the platform’s features to assess how well it fits their needs.

Bookies can perform key tasks like:

  • Adding clients
  • Entering information
  • Generating reports
  • Running accounting
  • Configuring settings
  • Onboarding clients

Essentially, bookies can fully manage operations in the software as if they were paying subscribers.

After the trial ends, bookies can sign up to continue using the software. Or if it’s not a good match, they can simply decline to move forward at no cost.

Benefits for Bookmakers

Let’s look at some of the key advantages the pay per head free trials offer bookmakers:

Try before buying – Evaluate software without spending money upfront.

  • Assess features – Determine if tools and functionality fit your requirements.
  • Compare providers – Run simultaneous trials to compare top options.
  • Learn the system – Take time to get familiar with the platform.
  • Onboard clients – Add some clients to test end-to-end workflow.
  • Check reliability – Review performance in terms of uptime and speed.
  • Get support – Interact with customer service to assess responsiveness.
  • No obligations – Discontinue use freely after the trial expires.

With the ability to thoroughly test bookmaking software risk-free, bookmakers can make informed decisions.

Vetting Potential Providers

To find the optimal software match, bookmakers should compare multiple platforms. Here are some tips:

  • Research top options – Search industry publications and forums to identify contenders.
  • Visit company websites – Get a feel for offerings, experience and approach.
  • Make a “must-have” list – Note the key features you require for operations.
  • Read reviews – Check feedback from other bookies using the platforms.
  • Sign up for 2-3 trials – Test out the top options side-by-side.
  • Take detailed notes – Document thorough pros and cons throughout trials.
  • Compare carefully – With trial findings, determine which solution best fits your needs.

Running simultaneous free trials with leading providers enables data-driven comparisons.

Maximizing Free Trials


Once signed up for free trials, it’s time to put these platforms to work. Here are tips to maximize free trial value:

Set Goals

Before starting, outline key criteria to measure success against. Goals may include assessing:

  • Ease of use and workflow
  • Reporting and accounting functionality
  • Reliability and performance
  • Responsiveness of support
  • Ability to customize settings
  • Quality of client user experience

Clear goals guide trial testing and help objectively evaluate results.

Test Extensively

With goals defined, rigorously test all critical aspects of the platform. Focus on features like:

  • Admin settings and configuration options
  • Client management capabilities
  • Entering and updating data
  • Generating detailed reports
  • Running accounting statements
  • Adding real clients to simulate workflow
  • Exercising support channels like tickets/chat
  • Checking site uptime and speed during peak usage

Testing thoroughly reveals how well the software handles real-world scenarios.

Compare Providers Side-by-Side

Leveraging trials with multiple platforms enables direct comparison. Run identical tests in each solution to highlight the pros and cons.

Take detailed notes on how Provider A’s reporting compares to Provider B. How do their configuration options differ? How do client onboarding experiences compare?

Head-to-head testing makes it easy to quantify which platform best fits your requirements.

Onboard Some Clients

Adding a few real clients during trials provides further insights. Even onboarding 5-10 clients will reveal how smoothly end-to-end operations run.

Key questions clients can help answer:

  • Is the client-facing interface intuitive?
  • How accurately do balances/reports reflect activities?
  • Are they satisfied with platform features and performance?

Client feedback offers invaluable real-world perspective.

Analyze Results

After extensive platform testing, take time to closely analyze detailed notes and feedback. Consider:

How did the platform address your defined goals? Where did it fall short?

  • Which features were seamless vs. cumbersome?
  • How reliable was performance in terms of uptime/speed?
  • How knowledgeable and responsive was support?
  • Could the platform easily handle client needs at scale?

Compare pros and cons across trials to identify the optimal solution based on hands-on experience.

For platforms that don’t appear viable, simply decline to continue post-trial. Focus on the contenders that exceeded expectations for your needs.

Key Features to Test Drive


So exactly which platform features should bookmakers emphasize testing during free trials? Here are some of the most critical:

Client Account Management

Managing client accounts efficiently is vital. Assess how easily the platform handles:

  • Adding new clients
  • Configuring client settings
  • Entering client information
  • Adjusting balances
  • Depositing/withdrawing funds
  • Freezing/closing accounts
  • Exporting client data

seamless client management saves significant time and headaches.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Robust accounting tools are imperative. Test how the software handles:

  • Entering financial transactions
  • Calculating balances automatically
  • Generating account statements
  • Managing invoices, payments, and deposits
  • Tracking payments in/out
  • Audit trailing all financial activity
  • Exporting accounting data

Comprehensive accounting functionality gives bookies financial clarity.

Performance Reporting

In-depth reporting provides business insights. Evaluate reporting features like:

  • Client performance summaries
  • Customizable data filters
  • Charts and visualizations
  • Exportable reports (Excel, PDF etc)
  • Scheduled report automation
  • Report access permissions
  • Archiving old reports

Powerful analytics help inform decisions.

Admin Features

Admin tools empower bookies to configure software specifically for their business. Look for:

  • Dashboard customization options
  • Ability to create custom workflows
  • Self-service configuration without relying on support
  • Permission controls to limit employee access
  • Audit logs to track admin changes
  • Tools to announce updates/alerts to clients

Customizable admin features are key for scalability.


Supporting remote work is important in the modern world. Gauge platforms’ accessibility through:

  • Responsive design on all devices
  • Native mobile apps for iOS, Android etc
  • Offline access support
  • Biometric logins like fingerprint or FaceID
  • Ability to update data from anywhere

Bookmakers want the flexibility to manage operations remotely.

By thoroughly test-driving software against key criteria during a free trial, bookmakers can objectively evaluate which provider best aligns with their needs and expectations.


The Final Verdict

Choosing the right bookmaking software is a big decision that underpins operational efficiency. Free trials such as pay per head free trial allow thoroughly assessing top solutions worry-free before making any commitment.

Taking time upfront to be hands-on with platforms accurately reveals how well they address your requirements. Test before you invest to make the smartest decision for your bookmaking business.