What a Year of Loungewear Purchases Has Led To

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Over this past year, many people have stayed home for long periods of time that they might not have been typically used to. Lockdowns forced people to rethink their daily lives, including what they wore. With quarantines in place, many chose comfort over style, which resulted in certain garments being favored. But there are clothing items that we will remember this period of life, and to which we are so accustomed that it will probably remain after the pandemic.

A relatively new, fashion trend that is recording a steady growth in popularity nowadays is the wearing of sportswear on all occasions and situations. Fashion is largely psychological. When people are confined to their homes, they favor comfortable choices.

The past year saw a halt to the business casual look of daytime office work and nighttime dressing up. However, it’s believed that although stuff like loungewear has certainly made its mark during the past months, people will return to the clothing styles they favored before.

What is considered loungewear?

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Loungewear is essentially clothing in which we relax in the comfort of our own homes and in which we change from the clothing in which we spent the whole day, and which after working hours already becomes a burden. We want to feel comfortable and good, which is why brands have designed loungewear as a combination of mostly soft and smooth materials combined with gentle and neutral colors that relax.

This new fashion trend came to life thanks to quarantine. It is a night of comfortable clothes that are equally suitable for the home variant, as well as for going out. What is interesting is that this fashion trend has been accepted by absolutely everyone, from celebrities to neighbors. Loungewear includes tracksuits, pajama leggings, and all other clothing that is comfortable to wear.

Of course, we need to know the difference between loungewear and sleepwear, although many think it is the same. As the word itself says, sleepwear is a type of clothing worn exclusively for sleeping, although you have certainly had the opportunity to see people in supermarkets wearing their pajamas. If you pay any attention to fashion – don’t do it. rather choose clothes in which you can lounge, or loose, comfortable clothing.

What Clothing Purchases Did People Make Last Year?

In a recent survey conducted by dressbarn (see it here), around 69 percent of people claimed that the pandemic affected how much money they spent on new clothes over the past year. Some people bought very little or no new clothing and stuck with what they already owned.

Out of those who made clothing purchases, they favored comfort over style. Shirts, including blouses, loungewear, and jeans accounted for the three biggest shopping options. People also valued leggings over regular pants over the past year due to the comfort they offer.

What Occasions are People Most Looking Forward to Dressing Up For?

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Judging by the past year and a half, it’s believed that the biggest fashion trends ahead are tied to upcoming occasions. With many people starting to go back out into social activities again, more are looking forward to resuming activities they didn’t get to do for much of 2024. People are returning to the office, going out to dinner, and even going away on vacation.

According to the survey, 61 percent of people said they were most looking forward to casual outings again. This was followed by vacation and date night for 43 and 42 percent of participants, respectively. Classic button-down shirts happened to account for the biggest clothing trends for this upcoming year.

Interestingly, many said they were eager to refresh their wardrobes and start perhaps buying into some of these seasonal trends.

The current situation

We would say that preventive measures have eased a bit during the summer in many countries, so fashion has revived. On the street, we could see men and girls dressed as if preparing for the event of the year.

We believe that the reason for this is the long stay in the house, the lack of celebrations, gatherings, and other events that make life more interesting. Quarantine has also contributed to the discovery of loungewear – a new fashion trend that has not only become popular in the home variant but also for going out.

What are the Fashion Trends for the Future?

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It’s expected that for future trends in fashion, comfort will remain a staple. This is something that’s clear in the popularity of the classic button-down shirt and high-waisted pants. Clothing that people wear to the office will be more on the functional side.

Garments that fall under the category of loungewear will remain staples but will be paired with other fashion options. In terms of footwear, comfortable options like sneakers, loafers, and slingbacks will be chosen.

Eventually, as things continue to return to normal, moderate heels will win out over high heels. Accessories shouldn’t be forgotten, either. More people are opting for jewelry as a way to dress up their wardrobes. Gold, in particular, has grown more and more popular.

The Psychology of Fashion

According to a fashion psychologist, there are reasons why certain trends in fashion exist. During the heart of the lockdown, people viewed their clothing differently and the situation affected their clothing choices. Comfort was valued over everything else in both the physical and psychological senses.

We can say that every period, including the coronavirus pandemic, brings something different from what we are used to, which does not necessarily have to be worse. The fashion psychologist went on to point out that the way people dress is influenced by three aspects: the person you are now, the person you hope to be in the future, and the person you fear you will become.

In other words, the way you express yourself with your clothing gives you the ability to maneuver among those three details. Your clothing has an effect on how other people view you, which also impacts the way they treat you. Your choice of clothing can even affect the way you act.

With things easing as fall approaches, you may want to explore some of these fashion choices. You may find a treasure you will want to wear for years to come.