What We Can Expect from Instagram In 2024?

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In this past year, we have witnessed numerous trends and new features added to Instagram. Since the popularity of this social media platform is constantly rising, we have to investigate what we can expect from it in the future, and what additional features will be at our disposal. In the following article, we are going to discuss some trends and try to foresee how they will change in 2024.

First of all, we can expect an increase in the number of stories. Ever since this feature was added, people have loved it and it seems that there are more and more stories on our feeds every day. They have become so popular, that in a way, they have overshadowed regular posts. If you think about it, more people opt for adding stories than ordinary posts. It seems that they only add things they are extremely proud of and want to ensure that everybody sees it, on their feed. In addition, posting regular stories is obligatory if you want to get people’s attention (clearly, it has to be something appealing). You can also increase your chances by getting new followers and likes by following the instruction on the Manager Gram website.

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This brings us to our next point – influencers. The creators understand how their platform is being used for advertising which is why they have added numerous features that influencers can use. After posting some photos of their story, the most popular influencers usually get asked about the clothes or jewelry that they wear, the place where the photo was taken, and so on. Instagram now gives them the opportunity to tag each product on the photo which is then available for purchase via Instagram checkout. This was incorporated this March, and we expect it to be further developed in the future which will improve our shopping experience.

Another popular feature, especially when it comes to younger users are filters. As a mean of battling competition (Snapchat), Instagram has been adding new filters every once in a while. It all started with masks and make-ups, but in the past few months, these have become more creative meaning that there are more tools and decorative elements. What’s more, some of them were created to help users share their holiday spirit – everything from Halloween and Christmas to the Fourth of July. We cannot wait to see what they will release this holiday season.

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With IGTV, Instagram has taken the video-sharing feature to an entirely new level. Although it came to a rocky start, users have learned how to embrace IGTV. Since people are no longer restricted when it comes to the length of videos, we have been seen more and more interesting content on our feeds. It has also turned Instagram into the number one video marketing platform.

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Similarly, there was a change in the content available on this platform due to the increased popularity of IGTV. We are talking about the TikTok type of videos. Again, this company always stays on top of popular trends especially among young people, which is why they are currently developing new tools that will allow the users to create this type of video within this platform.

All in all, these are some of the most popular trends and we expect to see them further developed in the future. Plus, who knows what completely new and unexpected feature the company will come up with.