Why Clip In Hair Extensions are Best Choice for Your Wedding

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A few things are as frustrating as seeing people’s wedding photos featuring some great hair, knowing yours can never look that good. Well, now it can.

Hair extensions come in different forms and styles, but they all have one thing in common. Properly applied, they can do wonders for your hair.

With Sew-In extensions, the hairstylist will sew extensions to the braids of your hair. Depending on the hair type, they can last from a few weeks to two months.

Glue-In Extensions have a shorter life and will last up to two weeks at most, even with proper care.

Tape-In Extensions use extensions with pre-glued tabs that are pressed against your natural hair. They can last up to two months.

Fusion or Pre-Bonded Extensions are the most durable solution. They can last up to four months.

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Finally, we have clip-in extensions. They are the best solution for your wedding day hairstyle. You can see some examples by visiting www.JadoreHairSupplies.

In order to get the most of your extensions, we asked a few experts to give us some advice. Lulu Matthews of Lulu Lush in Kapaa, Hawaii, said: “Ask your stylist to help you color-match any extensions you order. Order samples from the brand you’re considering so you can see the colors in person. They can often look different in online photos so samples will help make sure it’s a perfect match!”

“It costs a little more, but multicolored extensions will blend in much more naturally,” added Megan Payne of Makeup in the 702 in Las Vegas. “Or you can buy wedding hair extensions in a few shades to add highlights and/or lowlights.”

Clip in extensions is a great solution for your wedding day hair because they are a shortcut to your dream hair. You are no longer limited in your choices by the length of your hair since you can have any length you want. There is also no long-time commitment since you can always go back to the salon and have them removed or try some other style. Extensions are a great solution for women who don’t have time for daily maintenance of long hair and simply want to look gorgeous on the wedding day.

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“Hair is a huge source of confidence for many women, including myself, so wearing extensions for a day when you want to look and feel your absolute best is a must,” says Hannah Elisabeth of Hannah Elisabeth Beauty in Beverly Hills.

Not all extensions are the same, of course.

“No matter what type of extensions you’re purchasing, it’s worthwhile to invest in real hair, as well as Remy extensions (which means the cuticle of the hair is facing all the same way,” says Matthews.

Before making the final decision, you should consult with a professional and see what options are the best for your hair.