Why SUV is a Great Choice for a Family Car

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A family car is expected to rise up to a variety of challenges. It should be affordable to run, spacious enough to accommodate large groups, and rugged enough to absorb years of punishment. This typically means opting for something sizeable, and an SUV usually makes for a sensible choice.

But why is this the case? Let’s assess the merits of the humble SUV.

Interior Space

Perhaps the primary advantage of an SUV is the amount of extra room it offers, both in terms of storage and passenger space. An SUV is also more powerful than a hatchback, which allows it to transport heavier loads. For families who enjoy active lifestyles, this advantage is a game-changer: packing a crateful of equipment and the family dog into a boot for an impromptu trip to the seaside is straightforward for SUV-owners.

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On a related note, SUVs are able to tow greater loads, and thus make a fantastic match for boats, caravans and luggage trailers. In this respect, an SUV can actually be an environmentally-friendly choice: it’ll allow you to drag your ski equipment to the south of France without having to resort to an expensive, polluting trip on an airplane.

Fuel Consumption

For good reason, larger cars are historically associated with greater fuel consumption. But the modern SUV has come along considerably in this regard because manufacturers have realized that many of the advanced off-road features aren’t being used by many motorists. The extra revs required for a vehicle to get to the top of a sandbank aren’t often called for on a school-run, and thus those wishing to enjoy the advantages of an SUV no longer have to compromise so much when it comes to efficiency.

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For understandable reasons, safety is a priority when we come to shop for a family car. Should the worst happen and your vehicle be involved in a collision, you want to give the occupants the best possible chance of escaping uninjured. Happily, modern vehicles come equipped with all manner of innovations designed to help us avoid impacts, and soften them when they do occur. SUVs have a natural advantage where safety is concerned, thanks to their substantial frames and sturdy chassis. Moreover, since the driving position tends to be higher on an SUV, they tend to allow the driver better visibility of the surrounding environment, which makes it easier to avoid accidents.

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