10 Smart Home Devices to Control Your Entire Home

Img source: Forbes.com

Looking to transform your home into a space/hub, that’ll have even a tech geek impressed?

You totally can, with our list of  devices to make your home pop.

1. Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo

Img source: amazon.com

The best speaker on the market to take your home from ‘basic’ to ‘highly inviting’ is the Amazon Echo Plus speaker. It comes first on the list because it can help connect multiple devices- allowing for ease of communication and control of these devices. It is also Alexa-responsive.

Some of its super dope features are its ability to use seven (that’s a lot!) built-in microphone, as well as a noise cancellation strategy to differentiate between different voice commands. With the Echo’s built in Zigbee home hub, there is ease of control of the thermostat, lights, as well as other gadgets in your hub.  You could also create your own personal  intercom, making it easy to chat with family members in other rooms- via the Echo’s Drop function.

2. Smart Thermostat: Nest Energy-Saving Thermostat

Img source: PCMag.com

A home is not complete without a thermostat! With up to six temperature sensors, you can monitor and regulate every room’s temperature when you make use of the Nest Thermostat- even when you aren’t at home, thus saving energy. This is done with the aid of the app.

3. Smart Home Security Device: The Ring Video Doorbell

Img source: YouTube.com

This device is certainly adept at keeping very safe and secure, with its high-tech, highly sensitive features such as the two-way audio device, 1080p HD real-time video footage as well as mobile alerts which detect any motion around your door area.

This device is indeed sharp: sending you notifications when a visitor is within range of your doorbell, and Alexa-responsive. You can find a guide of alternative wireless doorbells at kitchenhome.co.uk.

4. Smart Home Hub: Amazon Echo Dot

Img source: amazon.com

Need to automate several devices e.g. security systems, thermostats and so on? Amazon Echo Hub is an exceptional tool, which helps control  with just your voice commands.

5. Smart Plug: Kasa Smart Plug

Img source: 9to5Mac.com

Going livid about your electrical expenses? You don’t have to, anymore. With the Kasa Plug, you can control each electrical device in your rooms, via an automatic scheduling strategy or through  the Kasa mobile app.

6. Smart Vacuuming Technology: iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Img source: iRobot.com

This robotic vacuum is your dream come true if you have always disliked vacuuming, or if you would rather spend your time doing more productive things. You would be getting immense value for your money if you purchase this vacuum device, according to RobotsInMyHome.com.

It works via an automated system, and leaves your carpets, tiles, wood and all kinds of floor sparkling clean.

7. Smart Lighting: Philips Hue Light Bulbs

Img source: lighting.philips.co.za

It is a two-pack hands-free light bulb, and you can easily control its actions- whether you want to dim the lights or instruct it on appropriate lighting for different times of the day.

8. Air Purifier

Img source: airpurifiersrating.com

You need a air purifier, which would clear your surrounding of all dust and dirt particles; it will also come with a air quality checker to detect when your enviromental air needs to be purified.  Talk about a smart way to enhance good health!

9. Smart Lock

Img source: Kickstarter.com

The smart lock is another device that helps keep your safety. With it, you can work with assistant devices to lock/unlock your house doors via voice commands, and review who enters or leaves the house via a digital lock.

10. Smart Grill: Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology

Img source: YouTube.com

Grilling is some serious business! Imagine having a grill which checks the temperature of your steak and ensures your meat is cooking well, while you control it from your mobile phone. If this isn’t dope, then I don’t know what is!