7 Best Bitcoin Documentary 2024

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Bitcoin is a young invention, but it made a huge impact on the world in the last 10 years. No one ever believed that cryptocurrency will completely change the world. However, becoming rich thanks to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is not easy. That is the reason why people should educate themselves in different ways.

Logically, reading books is one of the best ways to get more familiar with this subject. The influence of bitcoin inspired many authors to write books related to this topic. But, that’s not the only thing. Many people were inspired to make a documentary that will make a clear picture of what bitcoin is.

There are many of them, and we would want to highlight some of the best rated.

Each of the movies from the list is unique in some way. Prepare popcorns and focus on the scenes that you will see.

1. Bitcoin – Shape the Future

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This documentary is focused on the Chinese market. It is in the Chinese language, but it has an English subtitle, so it won’t be a problem to understand it. Bitcoin, a Chinese trading platform, prepared this movie.

The documentary talks about the influence of Bitcoin on the Chinese economy. Besides BTC, the documentary features about the other Chinese cryptocurrencies.

The movie does not stop there. It talks about modern blockchain technology. People that are not familiar with blockchain should definitely check this movie or check out this article on Techslang.

2. The Bitcoin Gospel

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Many people have rated this documentary as the best one on the Internet. It talks currently about Bitcoin. The authors are describing the purpose of having Bitcoin and why people should invest in this “invention”. Besides that, you will see why banks are afraid of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The documentary shares a motivational message as well. It talks about the current system and highlights the biggest disadvantages. The authors go even further. They explain why bitcoin is a good alternative.

3. Bitcoin Full Documentary

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Don’t get confused, this is the full name of the documentary. You will easily find it by typing this on Google. The documentary is focused on the Australian economy, but it also talks about the progress that bitcoin has made. The first part of the documentary starts with the past. You probably didn’t know that bitcoin did not have any value in the first 8 months. Yes, the value of bitcoin was $0 after 8 months of its launch. This movie explains how Australia is investing a lot of effort to educate its citizens about cryptocurrencies. Logically, bitcoin is its main priority. Besides that, the authors of this documentary are talking about the future. They do not try to predict anything. The arguments they have are strong.

Their message is – Bitcoin is the money of the future!

Finally, if you live in Australia, this movie will tell you which Australian retail shops work with Bitcoin. There are still not many of them, but the numbers are going to change soon.

4. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

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When you look closer, bitcoin really is a phenomenon. Everything happened at once, and no one expected that things will go in this direction.

Do you know who Satoshi Nakamoto is? Well, if you haven’t heard about him until now, he is the founder of bitcoin. The creator of this documentary is Gavin Andresen. He talks about how he helped Satoshi Nakatomo. Except that, he explained why bitcoin seemed like a good idea to him after he read the Bitcoin’s whitepaper. Logically, he talks about the importance of BTC. For example, he says that “virtual money” is a solution to a double-spending problem that many people/businesses already experienced.

5. Banking on Bitcoin

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The title of this documentary contains the word “bitcoin”. However, the main subject of this documentary is not BTC. Here people can get a clear explanation of what money is. More precisely, how the entire system works. We will say a few words about the movie. The movie says that money is nothing more than an accounting system. Yet, the authors are asking “what if that system tampers”? What if these issues are repeating over and over again? We get a system that is a complete scam! When the system is centralized, it can’t be effective and functional. After they explain that, they start explaining why bitcoin is a good alternative. They represent it as the “honest money” that will stop fraud and corruption.

6. Rise of Bitcoin

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Three persons joined their knowledge and wrote a book under this title. The “main” author is Daniel Mross. He is a computer programmer that became passionate about bitcoin. The two other persons are Nicholas Mross and Patrick Lope. Their book inspired movie makers to create an educational and motivational movie.

The documentary/book talks about Bitcoin development. They are focused on the period between 2012 and 2013 during the Cyprus economic crisis. Besides that, you get a detailed introduction to the mining industry.

7. The Bitcoin Experiment

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Have you ever been to some of the Scandinavian countries? Well, this movie can teach you a few things about these countries. Amund Sjolie Sveen will take you to a road trip from Oslo to Stockholm. But, this is not a basic trip. Amund meets with people that already have experience with bitcoin. Something that he wants to find out is – is Scandinavia ready to adapt to bitcoin? The good thing about this movie is – objectiveness. His interlocutors are not all big fans of bitcoin. He also talks with people that are skeptics. Neutral people need to hear both sides of the story. That is the only way to truly understand what bitcoin is.


The documentaries we suggested are not too long. It will take you around 1h on average to watch each one. So, when you don’t have any duties, this could be the smartest way to spend your free time. Always chase pieces of information that could raise the level of your knowledge about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Still, keep in mind that theory is one thing. The right things you will learn when you start investing your money in this invention. It takes time to get the necessary experience to become successful in this “industry”.

What do you think? Will bitcoin replace money in the future?