All you Need to Know About Xeomin – 2024 Guide


Dealing with little and unwanted fine lines or wrinkles is a journey that every woman will go through. We tend to age and show signs of first wrinkles around our mid-thirties. This is because we produce 1% less collagen each year after we reach our twenties. In order to boost back its production and enjoy healthy and youthful skin, most women will turn to some cosmetic procedures, such as Xeomin! If you wish to know a bit more about it keep on reading and find out why you might like it.

What is Xeomin?


Xeomin is a lot like botox, where this is a botulism toxin that you can use to block muscle movement and to fight off wrinkles. You can inject this substance between your eyebrows, on your forehead, as well as on your cheeks. Xeomin helps with muscle movement, but it has no effect on filling deep wrinkles. If you’re trying to achieve radiant skin that has minimal signs of aging, as well as a smooth surface, you should give it a go!

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How similar is it to botox?

There are a few fewer proteins in Xeomin. Xeomin undergoes an extra step of purification, and it is a lot like Botox or Dysport.  Xeomin does not require any form of refrigeration, and the vial must be flipped instead of swirled.

What to go for – Xeomin or Botox?


Xeomin is a better alternative if you feel like Botox or Dysport aren’t working for you. Some people can also become immune to Botox over time and with often use. You can become immune to the proteins that are coating the active part of Botox. However, as previously mentioned, Xeomin does not have extra proteins on the outside, therefore your body won’t produce antibodies around it, which will make its absorption faster and smoother.

Another pro why most people like and go for Xeomin is because it doesn’t feel as tight once injected into the skin.

How long does it last?

Any type of filler or Botox treatment can vary from person to person and every experience can be different. This is mostly different from one individual to another. However and in theory, Xeomin typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

Using Xeomin® in a larger amount and more often than you should or than it was prescribed will not make your results more prominent or effective.  Patients are always advised to avoid laying back or falling asleep because the injected Xeomin can move around or spread to some other places.

Make sure to always listen to your doctor, and only use as much as they’ve recommended.

When to use Xeomin in the future?


A large number of healthcare professionals will turn to Xeomin since it can give you ideal results, especially when compared to Botox. It is also easier to work with and it can’t break down as easily since it does not have protein as its main compound.

Each patient will book their appointment per their personal preference, and your doctor will tell you when to come back for a check-up.

What is post-treatment like?

It is crucial not to scrub or touch your body after the treatment. Do not apply any heat over your skin since direct exposure can slow down the binding of Xeomin. Do not apply any makeup on top either and let your skin breathe and heel.

Your injected area will look like a mosquito bite for 1-2 hours after the treatment since it will get swollen. Some patients can also experience bruising, which is pretty normal.

It can take around 7-10 days for your bruising to disappear, and for your skin to clear up.

What you should do in order to keep your muscles occupied and running (and to speed up the Xeomin absorption) is to do some frowning, raising of the eyebrows, smiling, and squinting.

Who shouldn’t use Xeomin?


If you’re scared about using a newer substance and placing it into your body make sure to do thorough research before making this decision and this switch. You shouldn’t use Xeomin if:

You’re allergic to any of its ingredients, especially to kinds such as rimabotulinumtoxinB, onabotulinumtoxinA, etc

If you have myasthenia gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome

If you have asthma

If you have bleeding problems

If you’re pregnant or if you plan on having a baby sometimes soon

What to let your doctor know beforehand?

Always do consultations and see if you’re the right candidate for this treatment. It is crucial for you to talk to your doctor and to see if you’re a good fit for this treatment: Always let them know the following:

If you are breastfeeding

If you are on some medicine

If you plan on taking some new medication

If you’ve recently received an antibiotic by injection

What you’re allergic to (preferably do an allergy test)

Once you clear this up you will be one step closer to getting your Xeomin treatment.

Are there any side effects of Xeomin?


Every drug or medication that you take and every treatment that you do can have its side effects. The same thing is with Xeomin since it does have its downsides and possible side effects. The most common side effects are:

Dry mouth

Discomfort or pain (especially for the first 2-3 days)

Muscle weakness


Redness or swelling

If you end up experiencing something more drastic than this and if your skin does not heal properly in the following 7-10 days make sure to contact your doctor.

Ready to have flawless skin?

It is time to combat aging and first wrinkles the right way! Since now you know what Xeomin is, would you be willing to give it a go and test it out? It may perform a lot better than botox, and your results could be shocking. Treat any fine lines and wrinkles with this substance, and enjoy smooth skin for 3-4 months with ease, what you got to lose?