Why is Amish Furniture Such an Expensive

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Furniture is a very important detail in our home because it gives us a pleasant feeling of warmth when we spend time in it. That’s why couples and families pay a lot of attention to choosing the right sofa or table that will make their home their oasis. The basic rule when buying furniture is that your choice must be long-lasting pieces made of quality materials that you won’t have to replace within a year. Low prices aren’t a good indicator of reliability, which you should take into account in this case as well. One of the best options when it comes to quality is Amish furniture. In addition to giving the impression of simplicity and warmth thanks to the natural materials used in the production process, it also turns the home into a rustic fairy tale. The high price is a factor that often eliminates Amish pieces from the shortlist of customers, but it also eliminates the possibility of owning the highest quality and most durable models.

Many reasons justify this high price and can help you understand the value of this investment. 

Handmade furniture

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The most important factor that defines the price is the fact that by buying Amish products you get handmade pieces. This doesn’t mean that the use of machines in the production process is completely eliminated, but it’s minimized while manual labor is largely involved. Cutting, finishing, extracting, controlling as well as many other phases require the presence of workers.

Considering that this kind of work implies a long manual process, it becomes clearer that it will require a longer production time. Also, the costs are much higher because, in addition to machine maintenance and other regular costs, it is necessary to cover the costs related to workers. Such experts are a real rarity today, which is why they are well paid.

Reliable traditional making techniques

The applied manufacturing technique plays a major role in determining the adequate price when placing such a product on the market. In this case, we are talking about traditional techniques that were used generations ago but mostly disappeared with the popularization of machine production. For that reason, today you cannot buy furniture made thanks to good traditional techniques everywhere, but only in certain places.

Mass factory production lags behind when it comes to Amish quality workmanship. Joinery and gear joinery are applied, and by properly fitting the joints, strong supports are created that guarantee longevity and stability. Such pieces are ready to withstand all customer requirements.

Expensive and quality wood species

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The correct choice of wood as the basic building block, in this case, is crucial. If you decide to buy in a regular store that is supported by mass industrial production, be sure that you won’t get the expected quality. In contrast, Amish producers pay special attention to quality wood choices. This further implies higher costs, which explains why this option is considered unaffordable by many.

The specific choice of wood type varies depending on the manufacturer. Walnut, cherry, maple, and similar species are mainly used, which guarantee longevity and durability. Many of them are difficult to access, which is why they are mostly expensive. If you are currently decorating a bedroom, office, or any other room, you can check on deutschfurniturehaus.com. There you can find a wide range of furniture made of different types of wood.

Unique pieces

Unlike mass industrial production, which doesn’t leave you the opportunity to choose the details yourself and thus make the look of your home unique, in this case, you can get unique pieces that everyone will envy you. So, if you don’t want your living room or bedroom to completely resemble the ones you see every day on Instagram, but to leave the impression of uniqueness, Amish is the right choice for you. But you have to keep in mind that this opportunity will cost you. And that is understandable.

You can choose the type of wood, profiles, type of finishing, and all other elements. Of course, you can simply opt for one that has already been produced, but keep in mind that it is also unique. Perfect texture, rich color, beautiful finishing details are just some of the elements that justify the high price.

Long-lasting quality

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All the above reasons tell you enough that you don’t have to worry about the durability of Amish furniture. But we want to pay special attention to this factor, which is one of the key factors in your choice. We’re sure you won’t want to buy a piece that you’ll have to replace in a year or two or that will require expensive repairs shortly after you buy it. To avoid situations like this, be prepared for a slightly larger investment, but you can be absolutely sure that your money won’t be wasted and that you will use a sofa or dining table for a long time.

The hard types of wood used are a sufficient guarantee that it is of lasting quality. This is the only way to avoid cracking, damage, and rapid wear.

Environmentally friendly option

Many families strive to establish a healthier personal living environment. Also, companies that produce Amish furniture from the moment of their development, their concept is based on the preservation of green areas and the planet. Therefore, the production process is oriented towards that, which requires the investment of additional funds to achieve such a “green” goal.

The natural materials used in practice are grown in environmentally sustainable conditions. Their natural habitat is properly maintained. Also, the presence of formaldehyde in the materials is completely eliminated. Topcoats don’t contain a high concentration of VOC.

Ease of maintenance

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Furniture maintenance can be a real nightmare, especially if you have small children when there is always a risk of accidental stains. And not only that, poor quality materials used in mass industrial production can often require complicated maintenance and this can take up a lot of your free time.

In this case, you can avoid such problems. If you opt for a regular piece of poor quality to pay less, be sure to spend a lot of money on cleaning products later. For a little more money, you will save a lot of time and nerves because occasionally dusting and polishing will be enough for the perfect look of your furniture even after many years. Products based on silicone oils or ammonia shouldn’t be used.

Do you now understand the value of this investment?