7 Signs Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Consulting

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If you were to ask business owners are they satisfied with their level of cybersecurity, many of them would probably say they are and they wouldn’t be lying – in a sense. Most business owners feel like their cybersecurity is top-notch, when in fact, they just haven’t dealt with an attack. Throughout the years we’ve witnessed many hacker attacks on various different establishments, companies, and even the almighty Pentagon. Now, if those giants can be hacked, chances are, your business can be hacked, too.

So, do you still feel your security is up to a certain standard? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is a list of several reasons and signs that you might need a cybersecurity update.

1. You Use Old Tech

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There’s nothing that hackers love more than an outdated piece of technology. Outdated hardware isn’t just a lousy piece of tech that’s making your life miserable, it is also an open-armed invitation for hackers to come in and plunder. Old tech is old for a reason. It’s outdated and vulnerable. Hackers know how to deal with the old tech – they know its weakest point, they know how to access it and take over control. It’s virtually as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Granted, keeping up with the latest and greatest in the tech world can be quite expensive, which is why many still run on ancient tech and why so many are being hacked on a daily basis. It’s unbelievable how many companies still run their business on machines with Windows XP installed. If you’re anywhere in that ballpark – you’re long overdue for an update.

2. Your Industry Is Being Targeted

It’s in the nature of the world that things change. According to that, the priorities and targets of the cyber-attacks also change. If you’ve witnessed or have heard about any recent attacks in your industry, that might be a good time for some cybersecurity consulting. You should treat any hacker attack in your industry as a warning and act on it. Because, the fact of the matter is, acting before the fact and doing a bit of tinkering to your cybersecurity can go a long way. After all, any form of security is about prevention, not dealing with damages later on.

3. You Lack Expertise

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In some lines of business, chances are, you don’t have an IT department and even if you do, an in-house IT team does not equal cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a very niche field and just because you have a great, all-around developer on the payroll does not mean your data is safe. The field of digital security is ever-changing. It’s constantly developing and it’s an ongoing battle between hackers and security experts. Relying solely on antivirus software is a rookie mistake. Those kinds of programs contain databases of old, outdated, dealt-with malware and viruses. It can’t protect you from the new ones that are being made by the thousands each and every day.

4. You Haven’t Done An Audit

The fact of the matter is, many or either too lazy or too ignorant when it comes to online security. They feel they’ll never be the victims of an online attack and they blindly believe in their free antivirus software. However, according to one of the leading experts in the field of digital security, Cytelligence – the only way you can truly trust your defense systems is to do a complete system audit. Only that way will you be able to tell whether you’re safe or not. It is only then will you know your weakest points and how to deal with any issues if there are any (and there probably are).

5. You Don’t Have A Plan B

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We’re sorry to rain on your parade like this, but, there are no impenetrable cybersecurity systems. Regardless of your efforts and the money invested into a cyber-defence program – the hackers are always a step ahead. Chances are, you probably already knew that, considering how many powerful companies have suffered hacks and security breaches. However, that does not mean that you should give up. Just because you know a burglar can pick your lock doesn’t mean you won’t lock it or get a dog – right?

For this exact reason – you need a plan B. If the systems fail, you need a back-up, you need a response team. Now, a cybersecurity consultant won’t just advise you on pre-emptive actions, but will also serve as a response team, which in the state of a crisis, is very much important.

6. It’s Time For An Upgrade

If the time for a tech upgrade has finally come, you need a helping hand. Not only is new tech very expensive, especially nowadays, but the chances are, you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So, instead of just blindly wasting money on unnecessary tech, you could ask someone that actually knows what they’re doing – what it is that you need. Cybersecurity consultants are very well versed in the IT world and if you are going to take some advice regarding your new tech – it should probably come from them. Not only are they experts in the field, but they could also probably help you out save a buck or two during this process.

7. You’re Expanding

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If you’re branching out or expanding your business and operation that means you’re doing well. However, that also means you’re a bigger, more interesting target for hackers. Additionally, a bigger operation also means more room for error – it’s just the way it is. The more ground you have to cover the more spread out you’ll be and the same thing goes for cybersecurity. Also, during the expansion process, you’re quite vulnerable because you’re systems are new and haven’t been properly set-up or secured just yet. So, when the expansion time comes – make sure you expand on your security as well.

All of these and more are very compelling reasons to work on your digital defence, but most importantly, the ultimate goal of strengthening your online defence is to secure your business, save your reputation and not suffer unnecessary financial losses.

Now, just because we’ve mentioned no one is safe from hacker attacks, it doesn’t mean you give up. On the contrary, you have to fight. Admit to yourself you’re not safe and try and find someone that can help you become safe-er.