Aspects of email marketing you should pay attention to

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E-mail lists are something that every digital marketer is required to collect from their audience, and there are tons of good reasons why. Although a huge part of all digital marketing today is being carried out on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, in case something goes wrong with those platforms, you need to have a backup way of communicating with your fans, followers and overall audience.

And even if the failure of social media platforms never actually happens, having an e-mail list is still one of the most important things in your digital marketing career. E-mails are the most formal way of contacting someone on the internet, and it so much different than the way people communicate on Instagram for example.

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And to be honest, getting the e-mail from one of your fans and followers is really a valuable thing. They’ve given away their main and most valuable online possession, which is also a way to contact them personally, so you should really be careful about what you’re going to do with this. The feeling when a digital marketer gets the personal e-mail address from one of their followers is comparable to the feeling when you get the phone number of that girl that you really like. Now, how you’re going to use that “number” is completely up to you.

Back to the content. In order to carry out successful e-mail marketing, you should always be taking a close look at your marketing metrics. And before you get frightened by this term, we really want to assure you that there’s nothing complicated and scary about it. E-mail metrics are letting you take action based on information that is real-time and really accurate, so you need to utilize this as much as you possibly can. Also, ask any expert e-mail marketer and they’ll tell you that metrics are pure gold. Feel free to visit TheChecker if you want to learn more.

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Most importantly when doing e-mail marketing is to make sure that all of your e-mails are written properly, without any spelling mistakes, all your links updated and working, and all of the pictures which are included in the e-mail to be displayed properly when the person opens it. When e-mails that do not display any of the previously listed things properly are being sent, people will try to avoid them as much as possible. And even if you didn’t have any bad intentions with the e-mail, it will simply look sketchy and unattractive if all the links are broken and the images are showing up an error instead of being properly displayed.

There are tons of scam e-mail circling around nowadays, and you definitely don’t want yours to be labeled as one of those, especially not if you are building an entire career in digital and e-mail marketing. So always make sure that everything is working the way it should, and make your e-mails look as official, friendly and safe as possible. By doing all of these things, we guarantee that your efficiency will increase by a lot.