3 Biggest Slot Jackpot iWins Of All Time

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Today’s era of technology brings with it advantages in many areas. We no longer have to wait in line to pay our bills, we can shop from the comfort of our chair – but we can also visit the casino without moving from our room. Recently, an increasing number of players are chasing big winnings in front of their computer or mobile phone. Is there any difference? Except in comfort and convenience – there is no excessive difference. The winnings are almost as big as in a real casino – and can reach incredible amounts. So let’s see what are the 3 biggest slot jackpot iWins of all time.

Gambling Is A Passion, Even When You Gamble From Home

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If you ever asked experienced gamblers what the appeal of gambling is – you would probably always get the same answer. It is the adrenaline, the atmosphere, the sound of the slot machine, and the announcement of jackpot winnings. That cannot be replaced by anything. However, not everyone is of this opinion. There are more and more amateurs, but also professionals who chase their luck by playing online slot machines.

Statistics and some research prove that there is an increasing number of players – who gamble via mobile phones or computers almost every day. Online games have their advantages, and the principle is very simple: Make a deposit – and the games can begin. You can play from home while on vacation – and you are not limited by time at all. Winnings on online slot machines, as well as jackpots, are sometimes higher than in a classic casino.

What Do You Need To Know About Online Gambling?

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Most of you may have tried your luck in playing slot games online. Although most people are usually based on betting on horses, dogs, or football matches – more and more people are in front of online slot machines. Players who want to play slot machines should first inquire and explore subordinate sites – through which they would try their luck. You should choose reliable and licensed online casinos because as in any business, some are unregistered – so problems can arise later. So play it safe and only in registered online casinos – where and if you win more, you can be sure that you will be paid out.

Benefits Of Online Gambling

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The rules are the same as in a regular casino, except that you play online slot machines from your home, in good company – and you do not have a limited time to stay. The money you play with, you can pay as a deposit to your account. You can use it all at once or set aside a portion of the money with which you will enter the game. When you register, you can choose from one of the many slot games on offer. Also, you can choose the difficulty of the level or the height of the bet with which you will start the game.

The jackpot winnings that exist in online casinos also depend on the number of your stakes. According to Slots-O-Rama, you can control your balance at any time – and check if you are in the game for any of the jackpots. If you win some money, you can always withdraw it or transfer one part to your account – and continue the game with the rest. This type of gambling is attracting more and more people, and if you get upset – you can always take a break from the game.

Are There Differences In Cash Gains?

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As with going to a regular casino – there is a large selection of slot machines and games in online casinos as well. Each of the virtual slot machines is tied to a jackpot. In some online casinos, there is also a Global jackpot – which refers to all games on a particular website. However, some jackpots are only tied to certain slot machines or games – so you have to fight for them by playing under certain conditions and with certain stakes. Jackpots range from smaller to almost astronomical amounts. As in any casino, there is always a chance to win.

Most online players do not invest big money at first until they get acquainted in detail with the rules of online casinos. To attract as many new players as possible – online casinos very often give free bonuses or online vouchers for the game. These are all tactics that casinos resort to keep you as a regular player. Unfortunately, you can’t get a beautiful hostess to bring you a drink – but you can always expect a bonus, a voucher, or if you are lucky, a Jackpot. The percentage of winnings on slot machines, unlike other games, is the highest – and amounts to 9.7%.

Biggest Slot Jackpot iWins

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If we haven’t convinced you to sit down at your computer and start playing online slot games – the following examples of the biggest online Jackpot iWins will make you think.

1. 4 Guys Worth A Million

In the early 1990s, the four of them were just ordinary guys who loved life. They graduated from hi-tech schools and lived a relaxed life. They loved to party, but they also liked to gamble. However, as time passed and new technologies began to develop – the four friends spent more time in an attempt to make money by playing slot machines online. Finally, one day, luck has turned to them. They went to Las Vegas to work for a film company. The work on the software went great, but some other ideas were running through the heads of these four young friends, so they started gambling in the city of sin.

Online gaming was still in its infancy and few people followed and used these services – but not our guys. The effort and their skill led to smaller gains and sometimes losses. However, one day they reached the desired goal – the main Jackpot prize of one million dollars. Investing money they earned working for a film company and the main Jackpot they won – they opened a separate company, and today they are successful in their work.

2. When Mother Gets Angry And Wins 460,000 Euros

Sometimes you need to be lucky in life for some things. That just happened to a nice pizza master from Naples. The only vice of a young Italian was gambling. He had no time to go to casinos very often – so he started to gamble on online slot machines. His mother, who was very worried about his overwork all day – was worried about her son that still could not sleep, even after an exhausting day at work. The woman thought that it was probably because of some girl. And then one evening, out of curiosity – she knocked and entered her son’s room. The son was not in the room, but he did not turn off the computer on which the game on the slot machine was open. The angry mother wanted to turn off the computer – but she accidentally pressed enter, and at that moment she won a jackpot of 460,000 euros for her son.

3. After Dinner – Feast And iWin Of 425,000 euros

A 47-year-old French construction worker won a jackpot worth 425,000 euros with only 60 cents on his account. To Julien Rivodig-Montera, who lost his job in 2000, luck smiled in the form of a Jackpot. The lucky winner originally came with his wife to have dinner at the casino restaurant. Since the restaurant was closed, they decided to have some fun on the slot machines. And then, they went home. When he opened his online account, he saw that he had only 60 cents left. He called his wife and together they pressed enter on the slot machine. The jackpot screamed, right from the casino that he previously visited with his wife – because he was playing their online slot machines. The casino stated that no one had won the Jackpot for years. After this prize, Julien said that he intends to travel and buy a scooter. However, he said he will most likely not leave the social apartment where he lives with his wife and four children.

The Bottom Line

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These are some of the biggest online winnings in the history of online gaming. We introduced you to some lucky winners on online slot machines – as well as some of the benefits of playing online. So don’t give up, because you never know – maybe you will be the next lucky winner of a Jackpot.