The Careers to Opt-in for With a Geography Degree

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Sometimes, students who study geography get ridiculed by other university or college students! However, if you look past this issue, by studying Geography at the undergraduate level, you will be developing career skills, which can lead to a wide array of prospective careers. It also helps you to make a visible difference to the world. Occupations related to geography provide scopes to candidates to generate solutions for some of the more acute problems in society.

Some of the concerns include multi-cultural integration, climate change, urban expansion, overpopulation, natural disasters, and more. A great way to know if you’ll like studying Geography at university is to attend a summer school. To know more about this, students can check out .

Careers in Geography

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The career path that geography students select is dependent on whether they studied human or physical geography! Physical geography is natural science and concentrates on the physical processes and materials related to Earth. On the other hand, human geography is all about social science and focuses on cultures and human communities. Irrespective of the career path that candidates choose, it is always better to study the subject well.

It will help them to know the concepts correctly and also have better job experience. Also, in geography, fieldwork plays a vital part. Candidates seek a geography course from a summer school should stay focused on the practical classes and develop hands-on experience wherever required.

Are you wondering about the career scopes if you study geography? If yes, the following pointers might help you:


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The careers in cartography comprise of producing and developing various maps. It also involves providing multiple charts, travel guides, diagrams, and spreadsheets. A person’s function as a cartographer might also comprise restoring old and soiled maps as well as ancient documents. The successful cartographers take an interest in multiple domains, such as conservation, publishing, surveying, and government.

Today, cartographers also leverage several technologies, for instance, the GIS (Geographical Information System) along with online mapping processes. Not every candidate needs a postgraduate or any other experience for getting into this role. However, if you’ve undergone a geography study program in summer school, it is always helpful. It helps you to know the concepts beforehand and get acquainted with the career scope fast and better.

A Town Planner

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If you want to become a town planner, you will have to manage the development and management of the towns. You also need to look into rural areas, villages, and city management as well. Here your necessary geographical know-how and the analytical skills will get assessed. It would be best if you made sure that each of the new social and geographical development projects gets synced with the various regulations and policies.

It is also the responsibility of the town planner to cater to the requirements of local and business communities, simultaneously ensuring that the development is durable and that natural environments will get preserved maximum. Chances are you will need to pursue a post-graduate program after summer school for this. That way, you will become a pro at the job and also get into a process of learning more.

An Environmental Consultant

Candidates, who want to become an ecological consultant, make sure that the governmental and commercial clients adhere to all the rules and regulations. This career path comes with somewhat of a mixed role. It concentrates on recognizing whether land, water, the air gets polluted, and its probable impact. The career path also comprises of research and extensive fieldwork when needed.

Furthermore, the environmental consultancy provides the scope for an organized career provided the candidates have the required know-how and the aptitude for the same. It’s tough to add work experience in this career path. However, candidates can work in multiple government set-ups or organizations.

GIS Officers

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If you are concerned about the environment and want to work with computer systems, analytics, and data, then this career field is the ideal one for you! The GIS can get defined as computerized systems, which get used for collections, management, presentation, analysis, and the storage of complex geographical data, for instance, the radar. Also, the GIS officers can go about examining and collecting the geographical data from the GIS.

The information can get applied in a mix of other sections, such as transportation, meteorology, gas, defense, oil as well as telecommunications, for arriving at decisions that are beneficial for the environment. Do you want to opt-in for this career path? If yes, then you should take the time to study the GIS module in any summer school or university. It is necessary to get the required degree and relevant work experience as well.

Conservation Officer

If you have a passion for preserving the environment and wish to motivate others to protect and appreciate Mother Earth and boundless bounties of nature, you may be the right candidate for the job of a Conservation Officer. For pursuing this career path, you would be required to work towards protecting the natural environment, as well as boosting overall awareness of the effective ways how the local community could be enjoying its delightful settings without any adverse impact. You must possess relevant work experience via a voluntary or paid job, and it pays to earn a Master’s Degree in the subject ‘sustainable development’. 

Recycling Officer

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The job of a Recycling Officer is to effectively minimize waste by promoting the concept of recycling in the local region. A Recycling Officer would be responsible for planning and developing environmental strategies and waste reduction schemes and policiesThis career would be demanding excellent planning abilities and exceptional communication skills. You must develop a robust understanding of the existing recycling practices, cutting-edge technologies, and even future trends.

Landscape Architect

If you are passionate about designing and the natural environment around you, you may think in terms of pursuing a successful career as a Landscape Architect. Your job would entail creating landscapes, planning, designing, and effectively managing open sources such as built and natural environments. Your job necessitates providing path-breaking and aesthetically-appealing environments for everyone to enjoy and make sure that environmental changes are sensitive, sustainable, and appropriate.


These are some of the essential career paths that you can opt-in for when you study geography! So interested candidates can start early and fine-tune their concepts by pursuing the subject in a summer school. Here they can have access to multiple guides, teachers, presentations, and other modes of study that benefit them.