Carpentry Crafts Secrets: Woodworking Tools And Equipment

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Many woodworkers and carpenters claim that it was this craft that changed the world the moment the wheel was made, but also that throughout history, their skill has significantly influenced the development of humanity. However, technology has also affected carpenters and woodworkers, so today their tools and equipment are far more modern.

Jobs In The Wood Industry

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If you want to be completely financially independent, start your own business and make all your career decisions on your own – become a carpenter or a woodworker. These professions will open the door to your job search. Namely, today in the world these crafts are among the most sought after.

What Will Be Your Job?

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As a woodworker, you will work with wood and timber structures when constructing bridges, roads, ships, factory halls and various buildings. After completing the task, based on the technical and technological documentation, you will select the necessary materials, tools and machines and prepare the structural elements, and then merge them into unique units.

On the other hand, if you decide to become a carpenter, by processing wood and other substitute materials you will produce furniture, carpentry, formwork, linings and various useful items. You can work in factory halls as well as in your craft workshop. Why not choose these professions to lay the foundations for a secure financial future?

Machines And Tools Technology

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Modern time also requires some newer and more modern woodworking technologies. That is why artisans from this industry must keep up with the achievements and tech developments. Thanks to new technologies, this job is far easier and simpler today.

Choice Of Carpentry Tools

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The choice is really big, that almost anything is can be found – whether it’s a professional or a hobby tool. Experience tells us that if you have a hand-held saw, drill, and a chisel – you can already make something out of wood if needed. However, for quality and fast work you need several different tools. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you. We’ll try to help you choose the right tool for your needs, among a wide range of brands such as Bosch, Craig, Skil, etc.

Professional Tools And Carpentry Machines

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While in the past everything used to be made of solid wood, nowadays, we mostly use wood-based materials. They are used for making furniture, usually out of particle boards, fibreboards and glued elements. The increasing demand for panel furniture has spurred increasing production that cannot be efficient unless quality tools are used. Therefore, if you plan to take the carpentry a little more seriously, you need quality machines to help you get the job done quickly and with quality.

Router Table

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The router table is a very convenient machine. This unit will make your work easier because it will allow you to process the wood from different angles. You can steer it from all sides, sideways and even upside down. Such a machine will certainly provide the possibility of better woodworking but also make cuts that would be impossible to make manually.

As we’ve mentioned before, the most famous brands of these tools and machines are Bosch, Craig, Skil, etc. If you still need more professional navigation when buying these products, read this review at These are very handy gadgets that will certainly help you a lot in your future business. On a router table, you can see a saw blade and therefore you will control the cutting much easier.

Planer Machine

One of the most important devices in carpentry and in general in woodworking is the planer machine. Such a device is considered a stationary or static tool. Unlike the ordinary planer where the wood is fastened and processed, the wood is treated here by passing through fixed blades.

Combined Joinery Machines

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If every square inch of space is important in your workshop, then it would be best to consider a combined machine that offers multiple functions within a single device. Combined carpentry machines or the so-called “combines” are a very popular solution for carpentry workshops because they are capable of performing several different operations, thus speeding up work and productivity. There are combination machines that can perform as many as 5 or 6 different operations. The combiner can also be a circular saw, a planer machine, etc. The disadvantages of these machines are that they are very expensive and a great investment, and the advantage is that they take up far less space than installing all the joinery machines separately.

What If You’re A Beginner?

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Of course, to get into the secrets of carpentry, it takes time and effort to gain some experience. Certainly, you can’t do this with new modern machines, but you have to start with something simpler. These are some of the basic tools for beginners.

Basic Woodworking Tools

Many beginners who want to try woodworking and carpentry usually worry about being able to afford all the tools they need. Fortunately, it is not necessary to spend a fortune to equip the workshops with basic tools. There are only 3 tools that are necessary for beginner carpenters, and you won’t need to raise the bank loan. With these tools, you will be able to master any project. So, what are those tools?

1. Hand Saw

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A circular saw is a necessary tool for woodworking. There is hardly a hand tool that is as wide-ranging as a circular saw. Not only is it an extremely powerful tool that allows precise cutting of wood at different angles, but they are also portable and easy to handle. With a circular saw, you can cut almost as precisely as with a table saw, whether it is chipboard, veneer, OSB board, Mediapan or any other material. This should be the first on the list of tools, as it will undoubtedly be the most useful to you.

2. Electric Drill

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An electric drill, whether cordless or corded, with a set of matching wood drills, is another tool that should find its place in a carpentry workshop. Their basic purpose is drilling, but with various accessories, they can also serve for grinding, polishing, cleaning or can be mounted on a stand and used as a table drill. They can also serve as an engine for starting a series of different attachments turning into a hole saw, a circular saw, or even a real carpentry lathe. For beginners, we recommend a corded drill because although cordless is more convenient to handle, corded models are cheaper, so you will buy a better quality product for less money.

3. Jigsaw

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This is a widespread tool especially when it comes to cutting materials quickly in situations where high precision is not required. It allows the user to cut curvilinearly, at an angle or in a circle. The first jigsaw was developed by Bosch and then constantly re-designed and refined.