The Perfect Host: How Colocation Optimises Your SEO

Colocation Optimises Your SEO

Colocation is the process of housing your IT hardware in a reputable partner’s data centre. These services allow you to move your equipment into the partner’s data centre. The benefits of this include awesome scalability, enhanced security and reduced downtime for a highly competitive cost!

But these benefits are not only great for your website in general – they can actually help with your SEO optimisation. For any business, enhanced security and reduced downtime are vital. But it is also imperative for giving your website that all-important advantage over competitors who don’t have the best server in their corner.

Here are a few ways in which colocation services help your company’s SEO:

  • Reduced downtime


There is nothing a customer hates more than downtime. It’s 2024, and customers expect fully-functional websites where they can purchase their product with a couple of mouse clicks. The last thing they want is to come to your website only to find that it is dysfunctional.

For first-time customers this is typically fatal. For loyal customers it is a pain that could change the way they view your brand. The more customers bouncing from your dysfunctional website the more Google will penalise it – something which can tarnish your SEO.

Therefore, you need the best wholesale server colocation to ensure your website never experiences this unwanted downtime. Dedicated data centres with high-functioning servers provide the following:

  • High capacity power feeds
  • Multiple redundant cooling networks
  • Top-tier Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Back-up generators
  • Communication drop mitigation through various network connections

These elements combined create a highly functional network that reduces downtime and enhances website efficiency.

  • It is highly secure


Google isn’t too fond of websites that are susceptible to cyberattacks. And, we assure you: it will penalise your website if it falls victim to an avoidable cyberattack. For example, one of the most frustrating cyberattacks in the game is called “SEO spamming”. This is where a cybercriminal will gain access to your website and flood it with ridiculous content, malicious links and even malware.

The point? To use your website to drive traffic to their malicious websites. This not only harms your reputation but also Google’s. Naturally, Google doesn’t want its reputation harmed, and so will penalise your website accordingly. Thankfully, colocation services exist to enhance your website security and mitigate the risk of cyberattack.

These services provide powerful IT security across the digital and physical sphere. Physically, the centre offers multiple levels of access control, internal/external CCTV, steel perimeters and onsite staff. Technologically, your provider should offer data recovery services and resiliency measures in the event of an emergency.

  • It is cost-efficient


And cost-efficient hosting allows you to invest more in other SEO services. This is especially so when you consider how expensive it can be for companies to maintain IT infrastructure. You can allot your data requirements to the provider, which alleviates the expense of long-term capital investment in onsite data maintenance.

What’s more, it is highly scalable, which is imperative for growing websites experiencing awesome SEO wins. You need a partner that is going to facilitate this growth and the right hosting will ensure that your website is ready to scale with your business at a moment’s notice.

So, if you have been considering this form of hosting, you will be thrilled to know its fantastic impact on SEO optimisation. It will reduce your website’s downtime whilst keeping it safe and allowing ultimate scalability. These three elements combined are perfect for SEO and can help your business achieve unprecedented conversions!