Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Chatbot Marketing


Have you used chatbots before? Do you know what they are? Chatbots are often used in sales and marketing and are practical options for customers who have different questions & loads of unanswered queries that demand quick answers & on spot.

They are quite practical and will make your business flourish while keeping its pace at its optimal. Keep on reading and understand everything about different chatbot strategies, as well as some of the most common mistakes when it comes to their setup.

So, what are chatbots?


Chatbots are preprogrammed sequences that provide ideal, quick, as well as proper responses to some of your most-asked questions on the site that you’re visiting. Thanks to its scripted bot and AI this machine and system will help you understand the context of the questions.

Virtual assistants of any kind are easily taking over the world, and they are a helpful & practical little tool for startup companies that don’t want to spend a lot of time answering emails or frequent questions.

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Chatbot Marketing: Top 10

1. You don’t have a chatbot strategy


Every successful business & successful plan will depend a lot on your approach and your strategy. Chatbots need to approach the audience and your customers accordingly, and with the right strategy. Build it slow & steady and give it time. Remember that tests, trials, and errors will make up for the best robot. Do not let it do its magic until it is fully tested.

2. You didn’t test your chatbot


Do some tests and see if there are any bugs or errors, as well as malfunctions when it comes to your bot. According to one research and statistic, 73% of people wouldn’t use a chatbot if their experience was improper or negative. You should focus your feedback on:

3. Positive or negative customer feedback


Variety of answers, Intent, Not clear enough

Not all bots are made equally or are possible to do the same things when it comes to your website. Make sure that you are clear enough when it comes to the possibilities of your bot since you don’t want your customers or visitors to become angry. List the bot’s functionality straight away. Save your visitors from frustration, and save yourself from any misunderstandings with the right approach.

4. No one is managing it


Feedback and customer satisfaction are key when it comes to a successful business. Word of mouth is also extremely powerful and can get you further than you’d expect in your business. If someone complains about your brand or your job you might have a hard time gaining back their trust. This is why you should manage your bots and have someone respond to your requests. Management & efficiency are key.

5. Improperly structured


Your chatbot will speak for itself for sure. However, the way it responds is vital for your customer satisfaction. Make sure that your language is at its best, and also go for natural & straightforward elements. Do not make the system impossible to understand since tech stuff is tricky in its own way. Keep the structure even & its flow simple.

6. Not the best greeting message


What is the message that you’re trying to achieve & leave for your audience? Well, what is your greeting (welcoming) message like on your site? The tone of the bot’s voice should be friendly and approachable, as well as calming and unique. Create a strong first impression the moment some visitors or clients stumble upon your site. Do not overwhelm your customers, but keep a friendly tone.

7. Not suitable for different buyers

How global is the message that you’re putting out there, and how much do you cater it to the audience? Is everything unique with a broad spectrum and something that you can use over and over again? You should have a unique while being loyal and trustworthy to your customers. Your chatbot should be persuasive, without being too annoying or demanding.

8. You are working with an invisible bot

You should go for a bot that is visible and easily presentable to your audience. This is why you should allow this feature for free and on every site that does serious business, or sales.

Make sure that it is placed somewhere on the site where others can click on it, and easily spot it. You can inform your customers of your proper assistance 24/7 through your social platforms, as well as different sister-like sites. Let yourself known & become visible.

9. You are not analyzing it correctly

Don’t forget to analyze your site every couple of weeks. There is always space for growth and improvement, wouldn’t you agree? Every field and every site can get its needed update. Make sure that you pay close attention to customer states and their desired results, absorbing and analyzing the data, as well as considering your customers & their overall satisfaction, as well as query questions.

10. Looks simple and basic

Does your site or your bot look too basic? Is the chatbot impossible to find? This is a newer & more modern concept that might take some time for people to understand & get into. You should go for a chatbot that is different and that stands out from the rest.

Generic bots and poor ranking will get you nowhere. Go for a lot of colors, a unique name, as well as cool graphic work before you seal the deal with your chatbot.

Want to learn more?

How do you feel about chatbots at this point? Have you learned a thing or two more when it comes to them? A lot of people will prefer having them on their sites. If you wish to learn even more and focus on their history, features, as well as some of the most used types, visit fc-networks. They will let you in on some bot advantages while focusing on the business, software, and digital marketing side.