Daith Piercing   

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The fame of daith piercing started to gain a lot of attention last year when it spread on the internet. However, we all know that all trends tend to have short period of lasting, which is not the case with daith piercing.  


The history of this kind of piercing is rooted in various treatments that were used to cure migraine and it is believed that the piercing in the particular part of the ear, called daith, can help with curing this health problem. The connection to acupressure is very big since both treatments have the same methods and goals.  


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There have been various skeptics and opponents to daith piercing as the method of curing migraine since none of the traditional medicines and treatments are not used and many people believe that this may even bring counter effects. On the other hand, we still lack empirical studies in terms of piercing’s relation to health and treating illnesses. However, this does not mean, in any case, that piercing may not be beneficial and may not bring good results. The growing trend of daith piercing and this way of treating migraines tells us that this may be a good solution. One of the biggest advantages of this method is found in its price since 40-50USD is enough for such a piercing while hospital treatments may come up to hundreds of dollars.  

Good sides 

There have been many good sides of daith piercing in treating migraines. First of all, it has been evident that the piercing of daith significantly decreases the number of headaches per month. There is a case that the number of 12 monthly migraines decreased to only four. Additionally, it has also been reported that many people have succeeded in curing migraines altogether by applying this method and they have reported that they have not experienced any migraines since they have practiced daith piercing. Some people who had migraines for their entire lives are reported to be free from migraines after daith piercing.  

Bad sides 

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Just as many people have been reporting the benefits of daith piercing, there are those who claimed that daith piercing does not have benefits. Namely, many people have reported that they have applied daith piercing and that they felt better but this only lasted for a shorter period of time This practically means that this treatment had a temporary effect and that it did not solve the problem at all. Similarly, there are many people who claim that the treatment does not help at all and that they do not use it for medical purposes, but they perform daith piercing simply because it looks awesome and cool. We should also mention that some people refuse even to try this since they do not want to expect the feeling of pain and that daith piercing simply looks ugly to them.  


So, there are many pros and cons regarding daith piercing and its efficiency. The best solution is to leave the decision to each and every individual.