Review of DBPOWER FPV Motion-Sensing Control Quadcopter


Drones are an excellent flying device and offer a new way to look at the world around in never imaged perspective. So, choosing the best drone to share those adventures through photos and video is very important.

Therefore, we have looked lots of drone’s brands and here, give you one of the best drones. In this article, I’m going to tell you about “DBPOWER FPV Drone Wi-Fi Motion-Sensing Control Quadcopter with One Key Taking-off & Landing Function & 720P HD Camera” and the features of this drone.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of DBPOWER FPV Drone
    • User-friendly interface
    • 6 axis gyro technology
    • One key taking off and landing
    • Air pressure auto set height
    • Gravity control sensor
    • 2 control modes
    • 720P HD FPV camera
    • Remote controller
  2. Pros
  3. Final words

Features of DBPOWER FPV Drone:


DBPOWER is one of the providers of drone for people who would like to see the world in first person view. Recently, they introduced a DBPOWER FPV Drone Wi-Fi Motion-Sensing Control Quadcopter for people ages from above 14 years. This is designed with built-in high-density air pressure sensor but, it is very easy to use and control for beginners.

The features of this DBPOWER FPV Drone Wi-Fi Motion-Sensing Control Quadcopter are described below.

User-friendly interface:

The DBPOWER FPV Drone provides user-friendly interference for controlling the camera and flight settings.

6 axis gyro technology:

6 axis gyro technology with pressure control offers maximum stability and flexibility when drone flying. And, this integrated design gives a guarantee for precise position of the drone.

One key taking off and landing:

With this one key taking off and landing function, a complete control of your drone is in your hand with a single key.

Air pressure auto set height:

By using this air pressure auto height, the drone in DBPOWER FPV can be hover steadily, controls easily and as well as shoot clear videos and photos.

Gravity control sensor:

If you’re a beginner, then increased speed of drone makes your trouble to handle it. So, the DBPOWER FPV Drone features gravity control sensor for IOS and Android devices. With this gravity control sensor, drone soaring exactly on the path that you need.

2 control modes:

It is designed with 2 control modes such as motion sending control and controlled by the transmitter. Both these function allows viewing photos and videos through phone or tablet directly to IOS and Android device.

720P HD FPV camera:

You will be able to get colorful images and store it in your phone and can share via all social media using this DBPOWER FPV Drone with 720P HD FPV camera.

Remote controller:

It includes 2.4GHz remote controller which offers fast response, has anti-jamming capability and works up to 80 meters long.


  • It allows controlling quadcopter by one hand
  • Selection icon helps to change speed easily
  • It provides user-friendly interface
  • It is designed with 6-axis gyro technology
  • It has one key taking off and landing function
  • It offers gravity sensor control for IOS and Android

Final words:


Do you want to buy luxury quadcopter drone within your budget? Then buy this DBPOWER FPV Drone ad with this FPV transmission to your mobile you can share your lots of photos through Facebook, Youtube and so on. Thanks to one key landing and takeoff function and by using this drone, take unbelievable photos and videos and record life’s moment in a way that you never thought!!