Review of Titan Tools 63125 5-Piece Hammer Set


Are you going to start woodworking project? Have you listed all the required things? Have you included the hammer in the list? What type of hammer? Which features it need to have? Which is best for your project? Don’t know!! No problem, at last, you reached the right place to know the best-featured hammer for you woodworking project.

In this article, I’m going to explain you about “Titan Tools 63125 5-Piece Hammer Set” and why this is the best option for you and what are the features of this Titan Tools 63125 5-Piece hammer set.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of Titan tools 63125 5-piece hammer set
    • Textured handles
    • Tools included
    • Ball pein hammer
    • Rubber mallet
    • Sledge Hammer
    • Cross pein hammer
  2. Pros
  3. Final words

Features of Titan tools 63125 5-piece hammer set:


Titan is one of the leading companies which provide tools and all necessary items for woodworking and welding project. You may have heard about different types of titan tools and may used some of them before. Now, this hammer manufacturer company introduced the new type of tool called Titan Tools 63125 5-Piece Hammer set.

By using new technologies, they introduced this type of hammer set. If you’re are decided to buy tools through online, then it’s must to know the features of that product so that you can able to choose the right product, am I right?

Below are the features of Titan tools 63125 5-piece hammer set.

Textured handles:

The Titan tools 63125 is made out of textured handles, so it provides comfortable and ease to handle the hammer while working on any object.

Tools included:

The Titan hammers not only give you a single hammer, instead of that, it offers a set of hammer with 5 different types of hammer. Each hammer has its own size, capability of work and size. Below are those 5 types of hammer.

  • 16 oz Ball Pein hammer
  • 32 oz Ball Pein hammer
  • 32 oz Rubber Mallet
  • 3 lb. Sledge Hammer
  • 3 lb. Cross Pein Hammer

Ball pein hammer:

Ball pein hammer is an ideal hammer and it is mainly used to strike the chisels and shaping and bending the metals. The size of this Ball pein hammer is about 16 oz, so it gives more power to strike the object.

Rubber mallet:

One of the hammers in the Titan tools is made with a rubber mallet and the size of this hammer is 32 oz.

Sledge Hammer:

Another hammer in the 5-piece set of Titan hammer is Sledge Hammer which has metal made head and weight of this hammer is 3 lb. So, this is light weight hammer but gives strong power to break the metals.

Cross pein hammer:

This kind of hammer has a blade like been at the right angles to the shaft and weight of this hammer is the same 3 lb.


  • It is a perfect hammer for person with large hand
  • It provides more comfortable to use
  • The Titan hammers are easy to handle
  • The price of this hammer is very affordable
  • It has nice textured handles

Final words:


If you want to buy a different set of hammers for your woodworking project, then I strongly recommend you to buy this Titan Tools 63125 5-piece hammer set, because it comes with 5 different style and featured hammers. Hence, it’s a must in all toolbox hammer!!