Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out a Used Tea Bag Right Away

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A cup of tea is relaxing and can make the end of your day feel much better. Like most people, you may have been tossing the tea bags after you are done drinking.

You probably didn’t know that there are a few things they can be used for, who can blame you. Many people don’t know they can still use them for lots of things. In case you were wondering what to do with used tea bags, here are some ideas.

Use It in Your Garden

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You can use them as natural fertilizers in case you have a garden. They contain lots of nutrients and tannic acid that will help you keep the garden healthy. The soil will be more fertile to support your vegetable, flowers or any other thing you have in the garden. The bags decompose; you don’t have to worry about that. Instead of throwing them out each time now, you have one big reason to retain them.

Keeps Pests from Eating Your Plants

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Aside from adding nutrients to the soil, the smell it emits will keep pests from destroying your garden. It gets frustrating when you constantly have to deal with pests in your garden; they are very destructive. This is a simple way you can try and help keep your plants as healthy as possible. It also doesn’t cost as much as other pest control measures you would have used.

Keeps the Shoes and Clothes Fresh

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Sometimes when it gets cramped in the wardrobe, the clothes and shoes will not be fresh. Dry the bags after you are done with your tea and place them in your wardrobe. Take some of them and put them in your shoes to get rid of any odor. Your wardrobe will be smelling nice all the time. Each time you pull out a cloth, it will be sensational even if it has stayed there for a long time.

Use It for Sunburns

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When you spent too much time exposed to sunlight, the aftermath is no fun. But how cool is it that you can ease the painful redness with the used tea bag?

It will speed up the recovery process and cool down the affected areas. Next time instead of suffering through the pain, have your daily cup of tea and put the bags to good use. You will feel much better from the tea and the relief the bags will give you after the sunburn.


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Use them to get spots on your window glass or the floors. It is suitable for cleaning mirrors; it can save you the hustle of your daily cleaning routine. Get rid of dirty spots on the windows, mirrors, or the floor each time you have a cup of tea. You will reduce the overall work you would have done without the used bags. They will get rid of fingerprints, grease and other stubborn spots one by one and leave the windowpanes sparkling.

Adds Flavor to Food

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It can be a welcomed and flavorful ingredient for your chicken, pork or even turkey. Place the used bags, your meat, and water into a locked container. Let it sit and marinate overnight, then cook your meat of choice the following day. Tea contains tannic, which is a tenderizer and will also give the meat a delicious flavor. You can also use them to flavor pasta or rice. Your meals will never be the same again if you use this tip.

Gets Rid of Fridge Smell

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Don’t put up with a smelly fridge. Like baking soda, the bags of tea are very effective in getting rid of foul odors. Put a few of them in a small bowl or cup and squeeze them at the back of the fridge. They will absorb all the bad smell, and soon, each time you open the refrigerator, it will be a fresh scent only. Ensure you replace them after a couple of days to continue enjoying the fresh-smelling fridge.

Effective for Swollen Gums

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Dentists recommend the use of a black tea bag for temporary relief after extracting a tooth. It will help stop the bleeding, kill bacteria and shrink the swollen gums. You have to place the used bag against the gums and leave it for five minutes. It will help you feel much better before you seek further help. The bags will also help with sores and cuts in your mouth; they will speed up healing and ease any pain.

Good for Puffy Eyes

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Lack of sleep or allergies can make your eyes very puffy and swollen. To battle this, take two used bags and place them on both your eyes and rest for at least five minutes. Once you remove them, give it time, and you will notice the swelling going down. It’s also good for redness in the eyes; the same process will help you get rid of it. You know what to do when next you wake up with swollen puffy eyes.

Soaking Dishes

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Soak the greasy dishes in hot water and the used tea bags. It will make your work so easy when you decide to wash them. All the grease and food residue will be easily removed or gone. Individual dishes may be easy to clean. But when it comes to the heavy loads of pans, baking sheets and others, it gets tricky. That’s when you can use the bags to your advantage, soak them for a while before you clean.

Repel Rodents

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Rodents can’t stand the peppermint smell. Next time you drink peppermint, place the bags strategically around the house. Anywhere you suspect they might be used as an entrance to your home, you can place the bags there. It will help you in the fight against these intruders and help you get your home back. It is a natural repellent for all your rodent troubles.

Face Scrub

If your face needs some tender love and care, open a used bag and use it to exfoliate. Tea is beneficial for the skin; it will help you glow in no time. It will help shrink the large pores on the face. Add some honey before you use it for maximum effectiveness. After rubbing it on your face, leave it for five minutes and rinse using warm water. Make it a routine if you want; it will give your face a healthy glow.


There you have it! All the many ways you can put the bags into good use after your daily cup. It doesn’t have to stop at a soothing and sweet cup of tea. Find ways to incorporate any of these ideas into your daily routine. Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company offer the tea in many different flavors. You can get the teas and start being creative with the used bags.