Elliott Hulse Net Worth 2024 – Famous Fitness Trainer

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Elliott Hulse is a fitness trainer who gives people motivation all around the world with his YouTube channel that has over 1 million subscribers. He has seen success in a lot of different fields and is thought to be a really good strength coach, author. He’s a big social media celebrity and preaches a holistic life to all his fans who he has inspired to lead a healthier life. Let’s dig deep into his life and find out what his net worth is.

Early Life

Elliott Hulse was born in 1979 in New York City, his parents are Edmund and Debbie Hulse. He inherited his sports mindset from his uncle who used to be a gymnast and a martial artist because he is the person who introduced both Elliott and his 3 siblings to sports and a healthy lifestyle. It was a mostly physical exercise which means the children had to do a lot of chin-ups, pushups and other similar workouts.

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Elliot was never really that focused on his school education but really got into football in middle school, in the end, that got him a football scholarship to St. John’s University. There he played a defensive lineman and won the MVP that season as team captain. He never finished his college education because he didn’t really believe what he was being thought about sports and a healthy lifestyle. But while he still was at college he opened his own gym called “Way Over”, but unfortunately because of a bad financial situation eventually he had to close it. As a result of that same bad financial situation, he started his now very successful YouTube channel in hopes of making some money.

When he left college in 2002 he got married to his girlfriend Colleen with whom he now has 4 children.

Career Life

The name of his YouTube channel is Strength Camp and just like any other channel it started out the same way, but he got to a million subscribers and turned that into a career as a personal trainer. His very unique training methods led to him gaining a lot of clients and in turn made him a lot of money, he made the decision to move to St. Petersburg together with his family where he got even more popular. From all that money he opened a new gym and even started his own strength camp. Since he always wanted to improve and develop new ways to help his clients get stronger and live healthier he took part in the Strongest Man competition and even won it.

Unfortunately, he had to quit being a strongman because he tore his biceps which pushed him towards depression. At that time he developed a theory of the 4 layers of strength namely physical, physiological, psychological and presentable strength.

All this led to him taking a break from YouTube, and in that break he came to a realization of how important spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing, just as much as being physically healthy and after that, he started uploading again with even more energy.

Four years ago his strength camp gained global recognition and its popularity was rising quickly especially in the US and Europe. He also started helping people without jobs, helping them find purpose in life and to give them the ambition to find a job.

As we’ve already mentioned he is a successful author, his book “KING: The Four Layer Approach to Becoming The Strongest Version of Yourself”, it all came from his own experience.


His biggest achievements are the camp he created for people without a job and the Grounding Camp to help people release tension and find themselves.

His net worth

His net worth is thought to be around $2 million and it all came from his incredible journey and him overcoming different challenges that life threw at him.