Young Thug Net Worth 2024 and Everything There is to Know About His Life

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Jeffery Lamar Williams aka Young Thug is an American rapper, hip-hop artist, record producer, and singer. He is also considered as a fashion icon due to his eccentric wardrobe. Young Thug became very popular and has worked with some of the best world music stars, including Calvin Harris, Gucci Mane, and Drake. As one of the most promising rappers of the future, you must be wondering how much is his net worth. So, here is everything there is to know about him, including his net worth.


Jeffery Lamar Williams was born on August 16, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is becoming to be known as the epicenter of rappers as many come from there. Hence, Young Thug lived in the same neighborhood as Peewee Longway, 2 Chainz, and others such as Waka Flocka Flame and Ludacris.

He grew up among ten siblings at the demolished Jonesboro South projects. He shares his parents only with his youngest sister. His childhood was quite rough and he grew up in the midst of a crime. One of his brothers is in prison for murder while his elder brother was shot before his eyes.

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Young Thug was enrolled in elementary school up to sixth grade when he was expelled from school after breaking his teacher’s arm. So, he spent years into juvenile detention. When he was a teenager, he loved risks, bad habits, and gambling. Hence, he got into drug addiction and violence. Young Thug was arrested for possession of guns and drugs several times.

He became a father at the age of seventeen and currently has six children currently but with four different women. He is now engaged to Jerrika Karlae and they live in Buckhead Atlanta, where he bought a home in 2016.


It was Gucci Mane who first noticed Young Thug and decided to sign him off to 1017 Brick Squad Records in 2013. It was then that his career started. So, Young Thug released his 4th Mixtape titled 1017 Thug. This mixtape was named the best mixtape of 2013. Then, also released other singles, including ‘Picacho,’ ‘Stoner,’ and ‘Danny Glover.’

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In 2014 he also he signed another management deal with Birdman’s Rich Gang and released a number of songs with Kanye West and Metro Boomin in the ‘The BLanguage,’ and ‘EWW.’ Then, he also collaborated with Lil Wayne on ‘Take Care,’ which was released by Cash Money Records Rich Gang 2.

The year after, in 2015, he released two mixtapes, ‘Slime Season’ and ‘Slime Season 2.’ The next year he released ‘I’m Up,’ ‘Slime Season 3,’ and ‘Jeffery’ mixtapes. In 2016 he was vocal to some of Drake’s hits, including ‘Ice Melts’ and ‘Sacrifices.’

Moreover, Young Thug also collaborated with Calvin Harris on ‘Heatstroke.’ Then, he released a new mixtape in 2017, which was titled ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls.’ He has also worked with DJ Carnage and Future.

Young Thug has been nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards and BET Awards. Most notably, he won an MTV Video Music Award in the category of Best editing in 2017.

Young Thug Net Worth

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Young Thug net worth is estimated to stand at around $8 million. Nevertheless, it is believed that he has rent arrears which reach to $2.2 million as Heritage select Homes state in their lawsuit. It is estimated that Young Thug earned between $1 million to $2 million a year, which is mostly an income from music albums, tours, and endorsements.